What we’ve been up to …

Blogging has slipped way down on my priority list. Actually, it has practically fallen off the list. Something about having a little princess snoozing on your chest makes everything else in life less important. That’s right, it is a miracle if the dishes get loaded or laundry folded or a blog written. Life is just […]

Some evil Fall allergens have crept there way into my nose/throat. At first I thought I had a cold, but no … just allergies. Yuck!.Between allergies and a cuddle loving baby this mama is wiped out..



Aunt Leah (one of mama’s dear friends) took the day of work and road tripped to meet Jemma  for the first time. We also went on an outing to Starbuck’s! Aunt Katie visited in the midst of her grad school homework and student teaching … of course, she dressed Jemma in the best onesie of […]

2 Weeks of Wonderful

My darling girl is 2 weeks old. It is amazing how fast time has already gone. She doesn’t have the newborn glow any more; she is turning into a little baby girl. Growing like a weed, I tell ya!. . .In the last week we have gotten into more of a schedule. We get up […]

On this fine Monday …

.Jem and I are spending our first day solo!.Daddy’s alarm went off at 5:30 am. While he got ready Jem and I snuggled in for an early morning nursing session. She dozed off (as did I) and we didn’t wake up until 8:30 am. Such a nice long stretch of sleep for mama..We nursed again […]