The Gathering Place

Before Dominic and I welcomed little ones into our family we were AWFUL at eating meals together at the dining table. We’d fly in from long days at work and crash in front of the TV with whatever slow cooker or leftover meal I pulled together. I’ll admit, the lack of dining table experience was usually thanks to one of my explosions … crafts or schoolwork, clipping coupons or some other random project. Maybe if I would have kept the table clear we would have been drawn to actually sit and enjoy a chat and bite together!

Things have been much better since Jemma arrived and started eating alongside us. Not perfect, just better. Meaning that I usually keep at least half of the table clear. Still, I have higher hopes for the upcoming move and our new kitchen/dining room set up.

I hope our table can be inviting.
I hope I can keep fresh flowers or candles on it.
I hope to implement homemade cloth napkins into our dining routine.
I hope to share laughs and love.
I hope we can grow as a family.
I hope we can welcome guests and share food as well as our hearts.
I hope our table is full.
I hope to create many memories – simple ones, special celebrations, and holidays.
I hope so much for our new gathering place.

I’ve been perusing a variety of dining tables, trying my best to gather ideas about the perfect one. I have a few criteria … rectangle and super sturdy with a modern farmhouse boho chic feel to it. I know, just try to explain that to your husband – “boho chic what?!?!?”! I think I’d really like a bench seat on one side too. We haven’t decided if we’ll buy new or second-hand; we may even try our hand at making our own table thanks to this Pinterest inspiration … 

I still have a few months to decide all the details … the county is continuing to take their sweet time on approving the set-back variance. We’re hoping to find out news soon and then we’ll be able to close on the property purchase and apply for our building permit.

In the meantime, I continue to swoon over these beauties while dreaming of the sweet moments that will be born around our dining table … our gathering place.

sources: left, top, bottom
What is the story behind your gathering place – Craigslist steal? New? Homemade or hand-me-down?


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  1. says

    Ours was given to my parents for their wedding. Its in serious need of a refinish, but I love it.

  2. says

    My table sucks and am in the market for a new one but thought I would share our newest tradition at the dinner table. We eat every dinner together and every night we ask Bishop what is something that made you happy today? Was there anything that made you sad today? It opens up great dialog with him and gives us the opportunity to share. He then asks us the same question.

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I love it! It's beautiful!!!

  4. SadieDear says

    Our table is the same one I ate at as a child… it's not quite big enough, but I can't bring myself to replace it!

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Our current table is like that – childhood one! The only reason I can part with it is because my sister is taking it so it will be staying in the family :)