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Little things make a house a home. Wouldn’t you agree?

Things like a potted plant on the front porch and pretty curtains peeking out of the windows. Things like house numbers with character. I’m partial to the “2” above … what’s your favorite?

The county is really giving us a run for our money. Literally. It’s quite disheartening. Things are not moving forward and a part of me is beginning to accept that our sweet little home in the forest may never be. We may stick with the same house plan and look for another piece of property. We may scrap building and evaluate existing homes on the market. We may stick it out. Right now we’re praying that the Lord would guide us in the right direction so we can settle into our own place … soon.

The good news is, this time of up-in-the-air-where-do-we-live nonsense has truly made me realize that home is where the heart is and my heart is with my family; my amazing husband and my darling children. We’re together and no matter where we land, being together is what matters most.

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  1. StefaniJean18 says

    I love the 2! And the 5. I'm all about the bright colors. I hope you can work everything out home-wise! It can be frustrating being in limbo like that. Good luck!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    The red is super fun, I agree! Thanks so much for your thoughts – I'm hoping we get some good news soon :)

  3. Bianca says

    I'm sorry to hear about the crappy house news. I am of the opinion that there should be finite (not *in*finite) ways of purchasing a home / land. But no, every single sale is a completely different experience and no one can ever really tell you what you're getting into. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a flow chart out there somewhere, with timelines and everyone's expectations clearly drawn out?? I bet it would make the buying / selling process much nicer.Here we are, preparing for month #2 of renting the house we are planning on buying.. and yet, our eyes wander to what else is on the market as well…

  4. Bianca says

    Oh, and I like #9. A lot like #2, but without the bevel.

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  6. says

    I like #7 & #9. we are looking forward to buying our own little home sweet home, but we have a year or so to wait. You're right, though… home is where you are. with your family.

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