Style File: Hip Holidays

I’ve been pinning, pinning, pinning all these glorious things to my Pinterest – knee high socks, beautiful dresses, accessories with boho flair. And you know what I end up wearing – yoga pants and hand-me-down sweatshirts from my sister’s high school sports teams. Yeah – lame. I’ve got nothing against yoga pants – actually, I […]


I’ve been searching for significance lately …Wondering exactly what the future holds. I’ve found so much joy. contentment, and honor in being a mama. It feels like I’ve found my true calling in life and I can’t wait to cherish every moment with my sweet girl and those that will come after her. But still, […]

Simpler Things

I feel behind in alot of things right now. I’m at a loss as to where the day goes.Most days I feel like I live in 10 minute increments of snacks, stories, diaper changes, errands, laundry, dishes, picking up …Is this what being a stay at home mom is like?A blur of routine and to […]


Today I held a fresh baby, just a touch over 24 hours old. Priceless. He is beautiful and it reminded me so much of the little baby Jemma once was – the squishy face, the baby breathe, the little squeaks. He was born just yesterday and belongs to one of my dearest friends. A number […]