Style File — The Post Thanksgiving Family Edition

Here’s the thing … Dominic is a lumber guy. He loves it and will probably be in the building industry for most of his career. It’s a good gig, but I do squeak often about the lack of paid holidays. Thankfully, Thanksgiving is one of the days he gets off so we grasped the daylight hours, […]

Style File — Mom Date + A GIVEAWAY

Want to win a pair of shoes from Minnetonka Moccasin? Enter at the bottom of this post!  Once a month or so, my gal, Leah, and I do our best to line up the dads or grandmas so we can slip out on a mom date. Years ago, all our spare time was spent on […]

Style File — Like a Glove

dress, c/o eShakti / jean jacket, Stitch Fix / scarf, Target / studs, c/o Archer + Hare (similar) / chain bracelet, c/o Sweet Ties Hair Ties / boots, Nordstrom (last season)  When eShakti contacted me about styling one of their dresses I couldn’t say no! With such classic and modest lines, beautiful prints and both […]

Mini Style File — Minnetonka Kids

I wish you could have all heard the gasp of excitement when Jemma opened her package from Minnetonka. Girl couldn’t have been more excited to see purple boots.  “Mom! They’re purple! My most favorite color in the whole WILD world! How did they know?!?” I’ll always love that she says “whole wild world” … I can’t bear […]

Style File /// Winterize Your Maxi

JEM’S BALLET LESSONS + BIBLE STUDY /// maxi dress, IG sale | sweater, GAP | boots, Fossil | diffuser bracelet, Simply Quinn | quart necklace, c/o Archer + Hare I’m not really one for seasonal wear. I try my best to move pieces from season to season with a few minor adjustments for heat waves […]

This Week

Fall, in the form of buckets of rain, has forced me to slow down. It has been wonderful. For the last two weeks our Monday-Wednesday has been empty. Other than school pick up for our high school girls, the littles and I have been home. We’ve accomplished a few projects, mostly organizing things, but for […]

Style File /// Two Generations of Stitch Fix

I don’t know if anything will ever beat my 3rd Stitch Fix shipment – the one where I kept everything, but I do know that I truly love Stitch Fix and can’t wait to share what came in fix #4! More exciting is that my mama jumped on the Stitch Fix wagon and is sharing […]

Fair Trade + Fabulous

Happy Sunday, my friends! You know those things that just tug at your heart? They make sense and you kind of yearn to get involved? That’s how I feel about Fair Trade.  It kind of goes along with Dave Ramsey’s idea of knowing where your dollars go. And seeing that we’re Dave Rams-ites around here […]

The Fall Shoe Four-fecta

Hip hip hooray! Fall has arrived! For as long as I can remember, Fall has been my favorite season. I’m sure, heavily influenced by my birthday being October 5th. The lovely rain, changing leaves and early sundown (also known as early bedtime for the children!) kind of seal the deal. Oh, and pumpkin everything, because yes […]

Style File /// Breathe Deeply with prAna AND A GIVEAWAY!

Friends! I’ve had the absolute best time working with prAna recently! Here’s the rundown of their awesomeness … A few weeks ago I visited their store in Portland. It’s in the darling NW 23rd area called the Alphabet District and is full of quaint shops and delicious restaurants. We (my Mom, the littles and I) […]

Style File — Thug Life Three Ways

When I’m standing in line at the grocery store, how I do, and the checker looks at me with that pitiful smile as Jemma chatters about the chocolate popsicles I was pressured into buying (yes, I’m easily swayed by all 3 year olds who say “please” and bat their eyes) and Max bites through a […]