Mini Style File — The Little Brother’s One-Tees

Melanie, the mastermind behind One-Tees, is the queen of creative repurposing. When I first heard about her concept, I thought it was brilliant! Don’t we all want a way to pass sentimental things on to our kids or commemorate a specific season of life? Well, One-Tees does just that by converting your adult size tee […]

Reid — 18 Months Old + a Giveaway!

  My Reid, my little love.  For 18 months now you’ve been such a light in our family. A constant smile. A joyful laugh. A funny bundle. Seeing your personality come alive is our favorite thing. You dance and sing, love Mickey Mouse, and would spend all day, every day outside if you could.  And […]

Little Walker Perfection + a Freshly Picked Giveaway!

Reid threw me for a loop when he didn’t start walking around his 1st birthday.  When we saw his pediatrician at 8 months he was standing and walking along furniture and she said he would be walking steady real soon. Love her, but she obviously wasn’t clued in to Reid’s timeline. Reid was 15 months […]

Reid — 10 Months

Disclaimer – although I have managed to miss most of Reid’s milestones in the blog world, I’ve kept up with his physical baby book! Kind of a feat considering that Reid is my third and I’m homeschooling this year and prepping for a move and busier than ever with work. But I really don’t want to forget. […]

Style File — We’re Twins!

Just to clarify … Jemma is twinning with her favorite people,  you’ll see what I mean when you scroll down. I AM NOT HAVING TWINS! Uno baby in this mama’s womb! I’ve never been one to use special-for-baby detergents. Laundry is a big enough chore as it is and I’m not one to create more […]

Mini Style File — She’s My Kid, She’s My Kind

 Panda Raglan – Kid + Kind /// Skirt – Target ///  Fleece Leggings – Target /// Boots – Nordstrom This girl. I really really like her! All moms love their kids, we usually like them too. Eh, sometimes they’re difficult and have rough phases, then the love is there but the like is on pause […]

Style File — A Tale of Shooties

With a picturesque snowscape it only seemed natural that we would attempt a family photo on our Leavenworth trip. I mean, all sane mothers attempt such a feat around the holidays, right? This particular photo attempt was a bit more exciting than normal thanks to our new footwear from Rack Room Shoes. Jemma adored her […]

Style File — The Post Thanksgiving Family Edition

Here’s the thing … Dominic is a lumber guy. He loves it and will probably be in the building industry for most of his career. It’s a good gig, but I do squeak often about the lack of paid holidays. Thankfully, Thanksgiving is one of the days he gets off so we grasped the daylight hours, […]

Mini Style File — Minnetonka Kids

I wish you could have all heard the gasp of excitement when Jemma opened her package from Minnetonka. Girl couldn’t have been more excited to see purple boots.  “Mom! They’re purple! My most favorite color in the whole WILD world! How did they know?!?” I’ll always love that she says “whole wild world” … I can’t bear […]

Mini Style File + Reader Survey

Apartment hunting with Pops – dress, thrifted Hanna Andersson /// tights, JC Penneys /// shoes, thrifted Two things … One, how did I ever forget to share this photo of Jemma from springtime? She begged to wear this dress so we added thick tights because it was short short short. She has sprung up like […]