Thank You, Aunt Hannah!

If this little one could talk I know it would be shouting … Thank you Auntie Hannah for my homemade winter hat!

Baby Bets

Have you had a chance to place your bet on baby’s gender, birthday, weight and height?   If not, it isn’t too late! Join the fun at …  

Post #200

In honor of post #200 here is a bit of something and a bit of nothing about me … just 20 things since 200 seems a bit overboard :) My Dad taught me to drive when I was 7. It was just a golf cart, but still … I buzzed through the woods and up […]

Options, options, options

Post-dinner conversation … Gretchen: What about Levi?Mom: I like it! Where did that come from?Gretchen (whispering): It’s Bristol Palin’s baby daddy’s name … don’t tell Dom, that could taint it.Dominic: It sounds like Levi Jeans … no. And there we are … back at square one :)

A Home for Our Growing Family

The dust has settled. I’m over the tears (I think). I’m ready to move forward … we’re look for a home and this is why: The facts … Last summer we moved from our duplex in east Vancouver to a family friend’s home in west Vancouver. They were moving to Texas and had decided not […]


It’s the big day … our first REAL appointment at Andaluz! I’ll be honest, I have had some major freak out moments leading up to this day. It is hard to believe that a pee stick can define the rest of your life. In and effort to question the validity of the pee stick you […]

Week 10: “Sage Advice”

Woohoo! Tomorrow is the beginning of week 10! Dominic and I have decided to move forward with Andaluz Waterbirth Center. He is coordinating with then to finalize our payment plan and then we’ll be able to schedule our first official appointment. I can hardly wait! When we went in for our meet and greet in […]

Week 9: “The Enchanted Forest”

Hi Family … I’m back with another report :) I’m having a hard time gauging how sick I actually feel. On one hand you hear about people who non-stop throw up for the first trimester; on the other hand there are those who don’t get sick at all. I’m somewhere in the middle and depending […]

Week 8: “Join Me For the ‘Bumpy’ Ride”

We are coming up on 8 weeks (on Thursday). That’s 2 months … approximately 20% (if we are assuming this baby will bake for 40 weeks). Since I don’t see you all on a daily/weekly basis I figured I should start journaling all that is going on so I’m not pregnant by myself … lol! […]

“It’s For Sure!”

Monday morning I had an appointment with my doctor … you know, to make sure the pregnancy test didn’t lie. It didn’t. She was able to connect with an OB/GYN who works out of the same office so I could chat with someone. I rattled off a handful of questions and took her card. She […]