Boobs & Babies

 Let me start with saying everyone’s breastfeeding experience is completely unique. Know that. Own that.   What I’m about to share is my experience. Yours shouldn’t be exactly like it because you are a different mama and you have a different baby. Dare I say a breastfeeding relationship is like a marriage – yours is […]

Mama’s Milk

This is a mega long post … bear with me as I spill my heart all over the internet :) It was very difficult for our family to decide for me to return to work at the end of my blissful, 18-week maternity leave. But, with all trying situations in life there is a silver […]

I went back to work … and survived

J Baby and I during our lunch break nursing session … such sweet moments in the middle of a busy day There aren’t quite words to express all of the emotions I felt this week as I returned to work. It still feels quite abnormal to say, “I’m a working mom” as that was never […]

The Scoop on Excess Lipase

From what I’ve read over the last week I’ve learned excess lipase is pretty rare and there isn’t a ton of information on it. What I do know is that lipase is a normal part of breast milk. Lipase is the enzyme which helps milk fat to be digested. Lipase is the reason breast milk […]

My Latest Obstacle — Excess Lipase

I’m pausing a bit from blogging this week. I discovered I have excess lipase in my breast milk and it’s raising quite the drama for these reasons: The 200 ounces I pumped and froze over my maternity leave can’t be used To be able to store milk I have to scald it which is quite […]

Jemma’s Birth Story

My birth story took me the last 5 weeks to write. “Why?” you ask. Well, for one, Jemma’s birth was 40 hours long. 40 hours is not easily summarized in a few paragraphs. Two, I have a beautiful, bouncing baby in my arms most of the day. Three, said baby makes it difficult to type […]

With. My. Milk.

Photo credit Jemma and I are in the groove with nursing. It truly is a wonderful experience and I feel so blessed that we haven’t had any major issues. I had big fears about the transition into nursing, but all in all it has been void of terror. I love being able to calm, nourish […]

Adventures With My Pump, the Mall, and Baby Girl

My little bumpkin and I have had quite a lovely day.   For the last few days I’ve been willing myself to start pumping and storing my milk. Jemma and I have had quite a successful breastfeeding relationship. She latches well, drinks quickly, glances up at me with her “melt-my-heart” blue eyes, burps easily and […]

Have I really been a mama for a whole week?

I’ve been a mama for one week, the best week of my life :) Here is what I’ve learned … Cloth nursing pads are divine … those disposables are not as soft, fill up my garbage and are hardly absorbent. Cloth is the way to go. Mine are bamboo velour/hemp and are here to stay. Baby swings […]

Mama Necklace

  I totally forgot … Jemma and Daddy went shopping together and ordered me this adorable necklace for my birthday. Of course, mine will say “Jemma” and I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO GET HERE!!!

Special Announcement

Our little surprise has arrived! Jemma Janell October 2, 2010 at 11:36 am 8 pounds, 10 ounces 21 1/4 inches    Mama, Daddy and Baby Jemma are settling in at home and will be back with more pictures and updates soon!