My Mother’s Day Wish

Another Mother’s Day has arrived!

I thought about running away today, or hiding … just for a day (or, realistically, until Reid needed to nurse). You probably know the feeling, that pull to find some quiet and remember what it is like to be alone. That isn’t my season right now though and as much as I yearn for an escape, I know the moment I left I’d be imagining my return.

These are my people, the little bits of my heart that walk around and laugh and drive me crazy. We spend every single day together, all day, sometimes, all night, and honestly, as weary as motherhood makes me, I want nothing else. Being with them makes me feel alive. Hopeful. They give me purpose. I want nothing more than to feel this tired and this in love. For Mother’s Day, all I wanted was to capture that; to hold my daughter and sons and freeze time.











Woven wrap c/o Lenny Lamb, the Little Love design in Breeze is one of the cushiest, broken in at first wear wraps I’ve ever used; such an amazing piece and a total steal! Photos c/o LCS Photography, an amazing artist and friend who I’m so blessed to journey through motherhood alongside. Thank you!

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  1. Hannah says

    So much LOVE! :D