5 Products You Need When Your Newborn Doesn’t Feel Well

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You all know I’m a pretty low maintenance mama when it comes to illness. I don’t rush to the doctor often and I tend to follow a “wait and see” philosophy when my family doesn’t feel well. I could get a “immune systems rock” tattoo to preach it, but, well, I haven’t taken the tattoo plunge yet :) So, when the yucks strike, and they do eventually, I love me some natural remedies. Homeopathics, oils, herbs, and any other treasured advice I pick up from my midwife and mentor mamas are totally my jam.

Buuuuuuuut, with newborns, I will say, I’m extra cautious. Their little systems can’t handle much, and thus, I go real easy when dosing out any treatments. Little ones do get sick though, sadly, I’ve already experience this with Reid, and so, I’m here to share my arsenal of must haves for when little ones don’t feel well. 

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Now, keep in mind that these products are all for minor issues that can be treated at home. Of course, if you have any concern that your newborn is fighting something big and bad, OR, if you’re just worried, call your advice nurse and get into the doctor stat. 

Ring Sling — Just like you and I, when littles are sick they want to snuggle up and take a nap. Hard part is, us mamas often have to keep rolling through regular life when our babes don’t feel well. Ring sling to the rescue! In comparison to other baby carriers, I love how ring slings mold and hold, it’s like snuggling in a blanket while on the go. And, if snot (or worse) gets on your ring sling, they’re the easiest of all babywearing items to wash. I just knot mine in a pillow case before tossing in the washer so the rings don’t bang around too much.

Breast Milk — Liquid gold has so many magical powers! Since it is antibacterial you can use a drop to help eye infections or drip some up baby’s nose to break down stuffiness. Rather than pumping, I tend to just use my Milk Saver to catch a good letdown and then keep it in the fridge to syringe out and use as needed.

Nose Frida — Yes, it’s gross if you think too much about it. But truly, it’s totally necessary. Don’t be caught without this contraption. 

Thermometer — If the time comes to take your little into the doctor it’s always wise to have a chart of their temperature fluctuation. There are fancy thermometers out there but I have found that the simple, regular ones are most reliable for under arm readings.

Weleda Diaper Cream — Every family needs a reliable, cure-all ointment. For us, that’s Caledula Diaper Rash Cream from by Weleda. Formulated by the Weleda team and German midwives, Weleda products are full of organic and fair trade ingredients aimed at soothing and healing. When my little ones get sick, their skin almost always flares up so having a cream ready to go that is made for sensitive skin is a must!  weleda

If your wellness arsenal is missing any of these products, get them on your shopping list NOW and be sure to enter to win a prize pack (valued at $70) from Weleda! *I-C will randomly select 15 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.

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  1. Bianca Tarleton says

    I love the Weleda cream! THat is my go-to if coconut oil isn’t working.