8 Less Mess Snacks For Babies + Toddlers

Reid is my little foodie.

This boy has been eyeing my plate for months and every nibble he gets, he savors, loves, and truly enjoys. Flavors are his friend and independence is his game. 

lil beanies

But, here’s the thing. I kinda hate feeding him. I mean, I do! Of course! Or, Jemma does :) But can I get an AMEN for how messy it is to feed babies? Food in their hair, pressed into every little roll, stains on their clothes, and bits ground into every crevice of the high chair. Not to mention the floor. Oh. My. Lanta. I rarely want a dog, but when my kids are first learning to eat, I want one. Bad.

So, I’ve made it my mission to find awesome less mess snacks! The kinds of food that don’t require a head to toe bath after every meal and snack time. 


Here’s a peek at a few of our favorites, including a coupon for a protein and fiber rich snack I’m sure you’ll love. Please oh please, chime in with your favorite less mess snacks too … Reid LOVES trying new things so I’m all ears!

  • Baked Sweet Potatoe “Fries” — Slice a sweet potato into thick strips and bake with a dash of sea salt and your preferred cooking oil.
  • Green Beans — Another great finger food that doesn’t  mash up much.
  • Cheerios — The age old easy food for snackin’ on the go!
  • Gerber Puffs — Perfect little bites for learning to pick up with pincher fingers.
  • Gerber Lil’ Beanies — Reid’s new favorite and mine too since their main ingredient is navy beans! Hey hey for protein! Here’s a coupon to save on Lil’ Beanies for your little one!
  • Scrambled Eggs — This is so embarrassing to admit but in the vein of sharing all my less mess snack favorites I’ll confess that eggs can get a little messy, but, if you let them dry up for a few hours (or a whole day) they’re super easy to clean up!
  • Bananas + Wheat Germ — Want to avoid the sticky mash of bananas? Roll slices in wheat germ for better grip.
  • Baby Food Pouches — These can be messy, but not with something like a Pouch Pal to keep little hands from squeezing too hard!



See those perfect pincher fingers?!?

Lil’ Beanies can be found at Walmart near the baby food. They were nestled right near the yogurt melts and Graduates snacks. But, even though yogurt and fruit flavored things are great – seriously, give Lil’ Beanies a try first. Protein and fiber are such important parts of little one’s nutrition and Lil’ Beanies has that covered! 


Don’t forget your coupon

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  1. Marie Cole says

    These are great ideas! I’m constantly wracking my brain trying to find yummy mess free (or less mess) snack for my son so this is a very handy list

  2. janie vezina says

    my daughter loved these… hint they do make a mess if the toddler dumps the container.. lol

    • Gretchen says

      Haha! Yes! I learned the hard way … now I make sure to shake out what Reid can have on his tray versus letting him hold the can :)