The Pregnant Mom’s Non-Alcoholic Cocktail


It’s Labor Day Weekend annnnnnnd, guess who is NOT in labor?

^^^ This girl ^^^ 

I’m “celebrating” … I think. One, because I’m not due until Friday. So, it’s not like I actually expected to be in labor. In fact, I’ve gone a few days late with every baby so I’m fully expecting a 41 week birth. And two, because my to do list has suddenly grown and it’s way easier to take care of a baby in utero. I’m embracing these last few pregnant days though while simultaneously anticipating all the good things that will come once baby is born.

For starters, we’ve got baby snuggles! OMG! There is nothing like that. And then, the big kids – they are giddy over welcoming this new little one. I’m excited to have a few days in bed loving on baby #4 and as brutal as it sounds, I’m kind of looking forward to getting back to the gym in a few weeks. Right now I can hardly walk, so the idea of a slow stroll on the treadmill is enticing. Finally, cocktails. Every pregnancy, I desperately miss them. It’s not like I even drink often. I just like a treat every now and then. Because. Mom life.

This summer I found a lovely little cocktail substitute — the pregnant mom’s non-alcoholic cocktail. It embodies everything a cocktail does, minus the alcohol, obviously. It fizzes, bubbles, and makes me smile. It’s sweet, and, best of all, costs a fraction of a regular cocktail. This thing is a winner!

If you’re pregnant, want to share a fancy drink with your kids, or enjoy multiple refills of perfection, you’ve got to mix up this Sparkling Ice Blackberry Fizz! 

Sparkling Ice Blackberry Fizz



In your favorite cocktail glass, cry a few tears. Because, while I call this a cocktail, there will be no real alcohol in this choice beverage. Don’t fret though, it’s still delish!

Now, add 10 or so blackberries to the bottom of the glass with a splash of lemon or lime juice and muddle your heart out. Technically, you could call it “smashing”, but muddle is a cocktail term and I’m trying to trick myself and my overly pregnant self into believing that this Sparkling ICE Blackberry Fizz will fulfill all my cocktail dream.

Add lots of ice. Pregnant ladies LOVE their ice.

Pour black raspberry Sparkling Ice into the glass leaving one inch of room at the top. Top with cream and watch that goodness swirl throughout as you take your first sip. 

A few side notes — All the Sparkling Ice flavors work beautifully with muddled blackberries. Orange Mango and Coconut Pineapple are fabulously tropical and Cherry Limeade and Kiwi Strawberry are fruity and fun. You can find a variety pack right here, because, you might as well sample them all! If you’re not a creamy cocktail person, feel free to leave that out, but, I for one, adore creamy cocktails and that little splash at the end makes it top notch, in my opinion. 





Be not bland, my friends! “Cocktail” today, “cocktail” tomorrow, and enjoy the fizzy perfection of zero calorie Sparkling Ice … pregnant or not!


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