37 + 38 Weeks

38 weeks Ready to guess baby’s birthday and stats?


How far along: 38 weeks, 0 days

Gender: A little man. Who is oh so loved.

Weight gain: Who cares anymore, it’s eggnog season!

Sleep: Restless, but manageable. Jemma and Max are both sensing things changing big time so I’ve had a snuggle buddy most nights too.

Best moment this week: Belly painting! Our babymoon! Getting a new iPhone so I can spam you all with a billion photos of my new baby soon! It has been a grand week for sure!

Worst moment this week: Pregnancy hormones. Friends, I’m a roller coaster.

Miss anything: Let’s just say my labor celebration beverage has been purchased and is chilling in the garage :)

Movement/Position: It seems like I have a fair amount of fluid, so this little guy can flip from the left to the right. Thankfully, all of that situating occurs with him keeping his head done.

Cravings: Creamy chicken noodle soup. The recipe on the back of these frozen egg noodles. AND MY MAMA MADE IT FOR ME YESTERDAY!

Looking forward to: Labor being over. I’m not a labor lover. It’s hard for me – emotionally and physically. I’m to the point where if I think about it too much I feel anxious. So, I’m just aiming my sites on all the joy that will come over the hard work.

What Jemma thinks: “If you are too loud in labor, I’m going to need headphones … or maybe I’ll just go to Kiki’s and watch a movie.”

What Max thinks: “When dat baby is born, maybe I will hold him. If my hands are big enough. But not if he cries weally woud.”

Flashback —> 38 weeks with Jemma and 37 weeks with Max

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