4 Ways To Prevent and Heal Diaper Rash


I have two babies in diapers. Again.

When Max was born, Jemma was still in diapers. Max potty trained the week Reid was born (fun times!) and now Reid and Eli are my duo in diapers. So, in case you didn’t keep up, I’ve had at least one kid in diapers for the last seven years. And, more often than not, TWO in diapers at any given time.

All those diaper days means we’ve battled diaper rash more than once. Thankfully, not too much, but definitely on occasion. 

I credit my fast acting mama skills and products like DESITIN for keeping my babies’ buns happy and healthy. When you see that angry redness begin to appear, take note of these few tips for preventing and healing diaper rash


Catch It Early

In many cases, I’m a wait and see kind of mom. But, with diaper rash, don’t wait! As soon as you see redness appear, start a diaper rash protocol to beat it before it becomes painful. 

Embrace Air Time

For both prevention and healing of diaper rash, make sure that your baby gets naked time for a little while every day. Not only do they get to wiggle around without the confines of a diaper, but their bottoms get to breathe. And bottom breathing is a good thing!

Apply a Barrier

DESITIN is full of the very best ingredient for fighting diaper rash — zinc. I’m a big fan of DESITIN Rapid Relief Cream because it soothes and relieves diaper rash while acting as a protective barrier. DESITIN seals out wetness and heals the underlying skin irritation. 90% of babies who’s parents used DESITIN Rapid Relief Cream experienced noticeable relief within 12 hours. Diaper rash, be gone!

Change Often

I’ve definitely noticed that when I change my little ones more often, we steer clear of skin irritations and rashes. Such a good reminder to not forget (because with four kids begging my attention, I do!) and not rely on how absorbent diapers can be. Getting that wetness away from their delicate skin helps keep it healthy and rash free.



Grab a coupon and read more about preventing and treating diaper rash at DESITIN! And be sure to share your own tips! I’d love to hear what insight you have from your experience with diaper rash.

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