26, 27, + 28 Weeks

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How far along: 28 weeks, 3 day … hello third trimester!

Gender: A little man!

Weight gain: Not sure what I’ve added in the last few weeks; the beauty of not owning a scale! 

Sleep: Since we returned from Disneyland I’ve slept like a baby! I think I’m catching up on deep sleep after so many go go go days.

Best moment this week: Other than Disneyland … which was BEYOND AMAZING I’d have to say winning my choice of one of these in an fabulous giveaway!

Worst moment this week: Everything is sunshine right now :)

Miss anything: Just margaritas. Same ol’ same ol’.

Movement: Lots! For awhile I thought he was breech because I had tons of kicks in my crotch — so lovely. But now, it’s all up high so I’m guessing we’re head down!

Cravings: I want a really great sweet summer watermelon and it just doesn’t seem like that’s possible now that it’s October. Too nervous to grab a random one and be disappointed. Food disappointment is the worth while pregnant.

Queasy or sick? Nope! I just need to delete this question.

Looking forward to: Thursday nights. Always and forever. Mama TV time for the win!

What Jemma thinks: At bedtime … “Come back here, Mama! I need to kiss that cute baby belly! Hiiiiiiiiii baby!”

What Max thinks: “Dat baby still in there?” 


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