Salish Honey + Goat Cheese Toast

IMG_9998Remember my trip to Salish Lodge & Spa?

I left with more than lovely memories, I left with honey! Real, true, amazing honey from Salish’s bees. There is nothing better than local honey. It has immense health benefits and is delicious to boot and so, I add honey to lots and lots of things.

I learned about goat cheese and honey from this awesome mama. She visited us this summer and we picnicked with our littles and she brought a bevy of treats. One being goat cheese, honey and crackers. Oh yum!

It’s sounds weird. But, really … it’s perfect. And if feels very French. 

So, my friends, toast that whole grain bread – slather on some goat cheese and drizzle a touch of honey. You can thank me after your first bite :)

What are your favorite goat cheese or honey recipes? I’d love to learn how to incorporate more of each into our weekly recipes!


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  1. jamie says

    ooo…i have goat cheese in the fridge, raw honey on the shelf (thanks coscto!), and a brand new loaf of bread out of the oven. guess what my nighttime snack’s gonna be tonight? :)

    • Gretchen says

      A thanks to Costco – always! That’s where I get my goat cheese :)

  2. says

    honey and goats cheese is such a great combination!