The Best Coconut Water On the Planet

coconut water

Once upon a time, I read that coconut water was good for you. I think it was in the context of birth fuel. Like, forget Gatorade and all its not great ingredients and opt for something more natural. Usually I’m a water girl. It’s my beverage of choice, the one healthy trait I seem to have passed on to Max. That boy loves water just like his mama. But,  sometimes a girl needs a little something special to sip on. And, as I’m sure you’re guessing, I have found a close second when it comes to healthy beverage options. Regular water, you officially have some competition!

I was skeptical of coconut water at first, because the first time I tried it, back around Max’s birth, I wasn’t a huge fan. Then, we went to Isarn on our babymoon and I had water from a REAL coconut. It. Was. Heavenly. That experience spurred an official taste test of the boxed/canned variety. Because, cracking open a real coconut on the regular isn’t realistic for me. Don’t have the time, energy, or strength for that!

Between 2 stores, I found 7 coconut water brands …

coconut water line up

Now, before I go any further … this post is 100% NOT sponsored. I seriously was just on a hunt for the perfect coconut water.

To make things “official”, I rounded up a panel of taste testers (my mom, two sisters, Jemma, and I). We sat down at the kitchen table with little paper cups and I poured out sips of each. Then, the testing began!

Overall, we learned I’m the only one who even remotely enjoys coconut water. Jemma politely gave most of them a sideways thumbs up; which, in her world means “medium like” on the scale of trying new things. My mom was pretty much appalled at my interest in coconut water and she would like everyone to know that, “It is not like coconut cream pie or Mounds, if you’re expecting that, you will be sorely disappointed!” She followed up with a whisper, “I would have spit it out had Jemma not been here, but I wanted to encourage her to keep trying new things.” Such a good Mimi, to not spit out her coconut water. My sisters laughed and played along with my little game. I’ve coordinated random things like this for our family for many, many years and by now they just know better than to give me a hard time :)

When it all shook down, I found a clear winner. Just one. All the others fell way, way short of being acceptable.

taste nirvana coconut water


Taste Nirvana’s Real Coconut Water/Pulp

Mom and Katie agreed with me. Hannah thought the ONE brand was the best, but liked Taste Nirvana too. Sadly, Target’s Simply Balanced came in 7th. By a long shot, I’d say Amy & Brian’s Coconut Juice was my second choice. 

Bottom line, I ordered a case of Taste Nirvana from Amazon. It was the best deal I found after shopping a few grocery stores. You can choose from plain water or water and pulp. It’s amazing. Refreshing. Energizing. And, quite healthy – the only ingredient is coconut water. I look forward to my Taste Nirvana Coconut water like I look forward to an evening glass of wine. Just yum.

So, there you have it! The taste test results you never knew you cared about :) Seriously though, give this stuff a try. Just don’t expect a Mounds bar and you’ll be happy. 

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  1. Marian F. says

    I love coconut water! I’m definitely going to be giving your recommendation a try :) I grew up drinking the Spanish brand ones with the pulp (fave part) and was sad that a lot of the natural brands don’t have pulp. Glad this one does.