Our Family Cleaning Calendar

Please, oh please, tell me that Dominic and I aren’t the only ones who bicker about chores?
I’m confessing that we do. Sometimes to embarrassing extremes. Because 1) there are times I can’t bear to clean up another meal mess from the floor and 2) Dominic works hard all day long and doesn’t get too giddy about evening chores after a long day. Harsh words ensue. And then ants arrive to eat Max’s scrambled egg droppings. Oh dear. Oh. dear. And that’s just one example.
So, to ward off the scuffle, we’re implementing a family cleaning calendar and we’re going to stick to it if it’s the last thing we do. Here’s what we’re aiming for …
It’s all pretty self explanatory. Bottom line – don’t live in a pig stye. Oh, and “one thing” that’s my white flag for help. Every day I can ask Dominic to do one random thing … it might be unloading the dishwasher while I finish up dinner or watering plants on a hot day. I just get to pick one thing that isn’t part of his normal daily routine. “One thing” is awesome.
Let it be known that I am no clean freak. I actually don’t even mind a little dirt and grime. It builds immunity, right? But Dominic and I both appreciate organization and we both thrive in a structured environment. So, this is our effort to bring some calm to our chore wars.
Annnnnnnd, on top of all this, we’re constantly working on some house project. Right now it’s the under stair hideout and next it’s my craft corner. Slowly but surely we’re whipping this place into shape. I mean, look at the results of one late night in the play room …
Yep, cleaning and organization rules!!! At least until I get too sleep deprived and decide to nap instead of do laundry. Then trouble is around the corner …

Need some inspiration for cleaning calendars? This one and this one gave me lots of food (or should I say dust) for thought!

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  1. Ruthy T. says

    this is a great idea!

  2. Chelsea Dickens says

    I've been following one for about a year & a half. Life. Changing. The one I follow has daily (morning/mid-day/evening), weekly, and monthly chores (even a clean out car day!) and includes monthly room themes that involves cleaning baseboards, cupboards etc. So so helpful!

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I love a clean out the car day! Lord knows I have to collect all the sippy cups some time :) And baseboards, I hadn't even thought about those! Is there a link to the system/schedule you're using?