Mother’s Day Giveaway

Happy Monday, friends!

I’m kicking off this week with something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now … a grand ol’ Mother’s Day Giveaway! Because that’s right, our day is just around the corner and there is no doubt in my mind that you deserve something special.

A handful of lovely ladies and shops have joined with me to make this giveaway extra fabulous. So enter yourself and send the link to your hubs to enter on your behalf too!

Here’s what’s up for grabs …


$50 shop credit from Brave Sunday /// I featured two of Jill’s pieces here and have since scooped up another pair of earrings. Love me some Brave Sunday!

12×12 Archival Print from Katie m. Berggren /// Remember when I gushed about these motherhood prints? I still adore them and now you’ll have the chance to hang one in your home too! You get to pick your favorite!

Jinja Infinity Scarf from Noonday Collection /// One, I love scarves. Two, I love Noonday’s mission. Three, Aimee is one of my favorite mamas and just so happens to be a Noonday Ambassador … add those all together and one lucky lady is going to be stylin’ this Mother’s Day!

24 Square Prints from /// What mama doesn’t love capturing memories of their little ones? And since most of those snapshots are trapped on our phones these days, prints are no doubt a must have.

And, possibly best of all …

$65 for your shopping pleasure from Tammy, Melissa, Aleisha, Rebecca and Tracy! /// Been saving for a new pair of shoes? Maybe a massage is in order? Or perhaps just a night out with your mama friends for a movie and cocktails? The winner will see $65 in their PayPal before they can say, “yippee!”

Exciting giveaway, no? Enter below and I’ll contact the winner next Monday!

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  1. livingonlove says

    Hoping to have a lovely day with my fam – maybe a picnic outside or something simple, yet sweet!

  2. Elena Istomina says

    I would love to get flowers for Mother's Day

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Oh, I sure hope you do!!!

  4. Reece says

    Love Print Studio! I recently bought their photo book for mother's day here: Great quality! I would love to get my mom the prints too!

  5. Laura B says

    Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Great giveaway :)

  6. monacpete says

    Would love a silhouette cameo

  7. Laura K says

    I'm going to brunch with my family! thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Cynthia Gaarder says

    to sleep in :)

  9. ThatMamaGretchen says


  10. molly c says

    i'm going to give my mom some comfy t shirts

  11. says

    it's sunday, so we'll be up and early for church every mother's day anyway. so no use sleeping in. :) peppy does cook nutella crepes for me though.

  12. Melissa Morris says

    Sleeping in would be a pretty awesome gift for the day!

  13. teamama says

    Spending the day with my girls!

  14. says

    I'm actually scheduled to have my baby on mothers day this year so what more could I ask for right?!

  15. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Me too! I always peek at them at Costco :)

  16. Liz Cleek says

    Well, I'm getting married on mother's day weekend, is that gift enough? :D We're giving our mom succulent plants.

  17. Amber Hansen says

    Love noonday! And I have been eyeing a lot of fun things on etsy I'd like to use that PayPal money for.

  18. Leah says

    I need me a BraveSunday Neclace! (And also need to print some of those instagram Magnets)

  19. Cindy B says

    I got my mother the same gift that I myself will receive… a 16 x24 canvas print of the professional shots we had done a couple months ago :)

  20. Erin G says

    I always get my mom flowers and a card… I did want to get her a handmade card from etsy this year! Also, I got an early mothers day gift from my hubby, he got me a rose gold watch that I wanted to wear for Easter. It's lovely!!

  21. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Ooo, what one did you get? I've been eyeing rose gold watches!

  22. Anna says

    We usually get hanging flower baskets for our moms. And for me, I would love a massage! :)

  23. says

    From Fossil… It's sparkly all around the face too ❤️

  24. Lindsay Stewart says

    for Mothers day this year…. I kind of just want a nap!!

  25. Mahdi Martin says

    I want to give my mom a trip to the spa for Mother's day.

  26. Callie Bowers says

    This is my first Mother's Day! My little guy is due any day! He will be the greatest present ever! My mom with be with me for Mother's Day and I know she cannot wait to become a grandma! Needless to say…this Mother's Day will be a wonderful day (knock on wood – hopefully no accidents!)!

  27. ThatMamaGretchen says

    A wonderful Mother's Day for sure, congrats!!!

  28. Cathy Fuller says

    I want extra sleep and to not have to do dishes all day. I'm giving my mama photo magnets from Shutterfly for her fridge.

  29. Katie Mcdonald says

    Love me some Brave Sunday!

  30. Cynthia G says

    Excited to see winner