Baby Five!

I’ve been feeling crummy for a solid month now but that doesn’t negate how so very excited we are to be welcoming a new baby!!!

I’m due in February of 2021 which will give Eli and this baby the exact age gap that Max and Reid have.

All the kids are heavily pulling for a girl … or “durl baby” as Eli says. I’m honestly content with either. Boys are my jam these days and let’s face it, no one can compare to Jemma! If it is a girl, we know she would be uniquely her own! Dominic was all for waiting until they were born, but the kids are so involved with all the details of my pregnancy that I know they will appreciate the time to prepare for one or the other.

So, that’s life lately! We’re plugging on with our year round school plan while the house falls apart and I sleep/feel nauseous. As rough as 2020 has been, we are sure looking forward to a blessing in early 2021.

We shared our big news with family and friends over Father’s Day with this mini photo shoot …

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