“Tea” Parties In Arendelle

I scarcely remember what it was like to wake up with no real agenda. These days, before my eyes peel open I’m swimming in things to clean, clutter to attend to, work projects to accomplish, and meals to prepare. It is a joy and a burden, to feel that weight. To push my dreams aside and give all my attention to the daily mass of life.

I’m assuming you feel it too. It’s what we do as mamas. We take the burden of life’s requirements so our kids can focus on just being kids. We plan library trips, outdoor adventures, and play dates to fuel their dreams. We expand their horizons every chance we get — visits to the fire station, stashes of drawing supplies for little artists, evenings out at the theater, and lunch preparation that takes double time while we teach the art of cooking.

I don’t do it every day. I can’t. Truly, the patience is not in me to turn everything we do into a sparkling experience of wonderment. But I try. I really, really do try to sprinkle our days with little bits of sparkle.

When my littles wake, I aim to take the agenda, the busyness, and hand them dreams. Max dons a towel cape and becomes a superhero while I stir up breakfast. Quickly, he forgoes his cape in exchange for a ninja role protecting his sister from stuffed animal beasts in the closet. Jemma plays along. Always the dreamer, always the one with exciting ideas. Sometimes she pretends to be a teacher and guides Max in his “studies”. Sometimes she plays hostess and invites Max to a picnic. There is no agenda, no to do. Just joy. Joy leads their days and it’s beautiful to watch.

In the midst of adjusting to a new baby, we’ve had many a day a home. Our routine has been a bit scattered, but even though I feel out of sorts, it seems that Jemma and Max have kept the dreaming alive. To them, it doesn’t matter that weeks are passing without much productivity. All they see each ay is possibilities. They don’t notice that dust is piling up and dishes are left to fester in the sink. Oh, to be young again. Oh, to let dreams guide each and every moment. Oh, to embrace possibilities with such fervor.

I captured the sweetest play session of Jemma’s recently. She was absorbed. She was focused. She was dreaming big things; you could see it in her eyes. With each turn of the page, she built a little castle; bit by bit, piece by piece. She hummed a song and conversed with her princesses as she layered each LEGO. And then, the perfect idea struck! She paused her building and asked if she could sip “tea” while working on her Arendelle castle. 

“You see,” she explained, “Elsa and Anna love having tea parties … and so do I! But not real tea. I don’t know, maybe we can have cocoa in our tea cups?” And so, acting as a palace maid, I promised a swift delivery of said “tea”. I suppose all little builders need a pretty tea cup of nourishing fuel.

Jem was absolutely delighted with her serving of Nesquik “tea”. She daintily sipped her vitamin-packed cup, offered a taste to her princesses, and returned to her work. After all, castles don’t built themselves! 

Now, why did this fair palace maid choose Nesquik? Well, it brings 7 essential vitamins and minerals, 45% less sugar than the leading syrup brand and has no artificial colors and flavors. So, when it comes to a chocolate-y drink, Nesquik is the obvious choice.

I suspect today will be full of many more home-based dreaming sessions. This mama just isn’t ready to sponsor wild, out and about adventures quite yet. So, until then, we’ll be building castles, maybe forts, and definitely practicing our superhero skills. And, if I get real creative, maybe I’ll somehow spin my maid duties into some sort of dream come true for my little people too! I mean, dust wands kind of look like fun, right?

What are your children’s biggest dreams? How do you see their daily play inspiring all that is to come in their lives?


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