House Update: Property and Plans

Awhile back I mentioned that we are looking for property to build a home. Nothing has changed, hence no updates … still looking. We’ve found a few promising pieces. We even put in an offer on one, but nothing has come through just right. So, we’re still on the hunt.

It’s starting to become a little discouraging. We have the house picked out and know alot of the details, but can’t make a move until there is a place to build. I really just want to know where we’ll be before/during/after baby #2 arrives! I’m such a planner and having such a huge thing up in the air is not fun in the least.

In the meantime, I’m slowly but surely organizing, sorting, and moving junk out of our current house. That way I’ll have less to pack :) And, honestly, not knowing where we will be and when played into our decision to find out this baby’s gender. With so many unknowns, knowing something that allows me to plan a little better should be a blessing!

Above are the details of of the house!

  • I LOVE that it is a one story. That was one of our biggest choices with a new home. I’m so tired of stairs – laundry up and down, baby up and down, piles of things to go up and down. My hope is that a one story will keep things more picked up … is that a crazy idea?
  • Three bedrooms! Do you see how big the master is? Perfect for our co-sleeping family :) Plus, Jemma will have a room to transition to and the third room can be a play room, guest room, craft room, etc. I have a few ideas brewing of how to best utilize the space.
  • Dominic will have both an office and a shop – both necessary things to keep our lives more organized.
  • I will have a jetted bathtub, walk-in pantry, and my own walls to pain and decorate –  true luxury!

The other weekend we were able to tour this exact plan. It made things way more exciting to see it all in real life. Now we just have to find property …

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  1. Bianca Tarleton says

    love the plan! being a one story with a walk in pantry and shop on the garage are going to be huge selling points one day! so excited to see this develop for you guys :)

  2. Hannah says

    I LOVE our one story. We skipped over 3 houses that we both thought were amazing simply because they were two story and we had made stairs a deal breaker before we ever started looking. Your get so much more use out of one story square footage, in my opnion anyway :) Looks super cute and cozy!