Sponsor a Foster Child (or Two) With Me This Christmas

Last Christmas we (as in the readers of That Mama Gretchen) raised $65 to purchase a share of a sheep through World Vision! I loved partnering with each of you to bless a family who truly needed our help, didn’t you?

This year I have another fun project for to help us celebrate the season while blessing others! 
Sponsoring two foster children and their Christmas wish lists …
At the start of 2012 I made a goal to begin foster to adopt training. I later adapted this goal when I learned I would be pregnant and caring for a newborn for all of 2012, but it is still very much on our hearts to adopt one day. Until that day comes we’re committed to supporting children and families in their foster or adoption journey. There is so much need within our immediate communities and I’m honored to know many families who are making life changing choices for these little ones.

Yesterday at church there was an opportunity to select foster children and their Christmas wish lists from a Christmas Gift Blessing Tree. I grabbed two cards, a 2 year old girl and a 5 year old girl. You can read their requests above.

I know many of us are unable to take on these projects single-handedly, but together we can truly make an impact on these sweet girls. Would you join me by making a donation towards the purchase of their Christmas gifts?


Each donation, no matter the amount, will receive a promo code for FREE ad space! This space can be used for your blog, shop, small business, or hey, you can turn around and gift the ad space to someone else if you like! Submit your donation as soon as you can and I’ll email you the code :) 
Gifts must be delivered to the collection site by December 9th, so my goal is to gather funds through the end of the month, determine my budget for each child, and shop in time for drop off. Oh, about the gift requests … I already have an art easel in mind, but I’m not sure what doll house would be best. Same for a pretend doctor set. Do you have any recommendations?
I’m excited to collaborate with you this Christmas and bless these sweet little ladies! Follow me on Instagram (@thatmamagretchen) and I’ll post photos of presents as they are purchased!
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