Baby Number Three

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Come Christmas time we’ll be welcoming a sweet little baby to our family and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Especially Jemma. All of us, of course, but especially her.

Jem actually predicted her little sibling 3 days before I took a pregnancy test. Last Tuesday I picked her up from the class she attends while I’m at Bible Study and the teacher informed me that Jemma had shared that our family was having a baby after Christmas. I laughed off the thought, because, nope – no baby for us yet! Then, a few days later, that precious double line appeared on a test! Jemma knew! And quite accurately too as we’re due just days after Christmas.

My heart has already grown. Pregnancy is hard and I’ve learned that the motherhood gig that follows is often harder. But it’s all worth it. Every little bit. The heartburn, the labor, the engorgement, the extra weight, the sleepless nights, the heart wrenching love for someone else – all treacherous territory that has empowered me greatly over the years. Knowing how much being Jemma and Max’s mom has changed me, I can only imagine that this new little one will change me once again. I welcome this experience and this sweet baby with big, open arms. My new, precious baby fills me with wonder and love and so much awe. The Lord has blessed us with a growing family and I’ll be forever thankful. 

I hope you’re all ready for the onslaught of pregnancy posts! I already have a list of fun things to share about choosing a midwife (picking a provider is a MEGA big deal in my book), Jemma’s round up of baby names (you guys, she’s more hippie than me!) and of course, the very few things I’ve deemed as necessary purchases for baby tres (already ordered this)!

No creative credit goes to me for our announcement post. I saw this on Pinterest and couldn’t help but re-create :)


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  1. Mallory says

    YAYYYYYYY! Congratulations- all five of you are loved!

  2. says

    congratulations! so excited for you.