Helping Your Toddler Sleep Through the Night

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doubles. All opinions are entirely my own.

Teaching babies to sleep? Totally not my jam. I throw up my arms and snuggle them into the wee hours.  But toddlers? Helping them to sleep through the night is my gift. Well, maybe. Perhaps we could just say practice makes progress. And I’ve definitely had lots of practice!

My first transitioned from her floor bed in our room to her own room at two and half years old. From the very first night she was happy as a clam to snuggle into her big girl bed AND STAY until morning. My second took a little longer, but once again, we made a smooth transition from room sharing to his own bed where he slept all night long.

When it comes to sleep, my third, who is currently two years old, has been (and probably always will be) my golden child. Reid loves to sleep. He is easy to rock to sleep, he loves his bed, and it’s rare for him to stir at night. Part of his affinity for rest is innate to him, part of it was taught though; based on my trial and error with his big siblings.

Here are a few of my best tips for helping your toddler sleep through the night! 



Let Them Say Goodnight

When it’s time for bed, take your child around the house turning off lights and saying goodnight. Say goodnight to the playroom, the house plants, siblings, and their favorite toys. Remind them that everything/everyone rests and now it is their turn. They comprehend so much and this simple goodnight routine makes a lot of sense to little ones.

Create a Routine

Little ones thrive on routine. Keep bedtime within the same 15 minute timeframe and do the same things each night — pajamas, teeth, goodnights, book, song, snuggles, kiss, eyes closed! Or whatever sequence works best for your family.

Read a Book

Notice that I mentioned reading a book as a nighttime activity instead of taking a bath? Baths are often too fun for kids when they’re trying to calm down and sleep, so, we opt for a short story as our bedtime fun.

Add a Booster Pad

No one, parents or kids, like to wake up in the middle of the night thanks to a leaking diaper. So, if you have a heavy wetter add a Sposie Booster Pad to their nighttime diaper. Sposies are made in the USA and are free of latex, fragrance, and chlorine. They simply layer inside a regular diaper and with their unique flow-thru pad design they give diapers an extra 8 fluid ounces of absorbency; such an effective diaper doubler. Sposies are also a great option for travel. 

Manage the Temperature

Some kids sleep hot, some cold. By toddlerhood, you probably know what your child prefers. My toddlers tend to be happiest and thus, sleep longest, in short set pajamas most of the year, so, that’s what we do!

Get Black Out Curtains

They may not be the prettiest, but being able to control the amount of light in the room is great! You can “create” night even during the summer months and help your toddler stick to their bedtime routine, stay asleep, and not rise with the sun. Amen!

Try Essential Oils

Toddlers can benefit from both topical and aromatic essentials oils. Research calming, sleep support oils to see what might be worth trying for your little one.

Be Gentle

Learning to sleep is not easy and in my opinion shouldn’t be expected too early. Plus, every kid is different. Some take to sleep without skipping a beat, others struggle into adulthood. Give them time and love and all the patience you can muster. You’ll learn what combination of things works best over time and before you know it sleep will come.



Study your baby as they move into toddlerhood and evaluate what they need most to sleep and sleep well. Do they need a better routine? Are they leaking more nights than not? Do they need a less light? All those things can be fixed. And once they are they’ll sleep better longer. And so will you!

Do you have tips for good sleep? Especially during the toddler years? I’d love to hear, my youngest will be a toddler before I know it and most likely he will need different things than my other three!

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