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Last month Dominic, Jemma, and I moved into my parent’s home. Since we’re in the midst of buying property to build, they so graciously offered up their spare room as our transition space. Initially, we thought we would be here for 3-4 months. But, thanks to the lovely county dragging out some details on the property purchase, it looks like we’ll be here a bit longer.
In an effort to make our little corner of the house as cozy as possible, we spent the last few weeks getting settled. I’m really happy with how things turned out. It’s warm and fresh and perfect for the three, soon to be four of us.

Curtains | IKEA
Bedspread | Anthropologie, Albertine print
Pillowcases | Thrifted
Night Stands | IKEA
Cosleeper | Mini Arm’s Reach 
Cosleeper Pals | Support Small Business Sponsors
Canvas | Easy Canvas Prints
Dresser | Thrifted
Floating Shelves | Target
Knick Knacks & Frames | Mix of thrift finds and Joann Fabrics 

Jemma’s little station is set up with everything she needs to be a bit more independent. Her frequently worn shoes, favorite necklace, sippy, hairbows, and books are all at her level. Plus, she has a little mirror to check out her reflection – one of her fave pastimes. I also set up a little step stool for her so she can easy hop in and out of bed on her own.

Why is baby brother’s cosleeper currently occupied by a baby doll? Well, let me share :) When we first set the cosleeper up, Jemma thought it was the perfect little space for her. I kept explaining that the cosleeper was baby’s bed and she needed to stay in the big bed only. It wasn’t computing, so we moved her baby into the cosleeper which helped connect all the dots. Babies go in the cosleeper, Jemma goes in the big bed. Hopefully it will transfer well when a real baby goes to sleep next to us.

Thanks for touring our cozy corner!
This little project has me so inspired to move into our home and decorate EVERYTHING!

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  1. says

    I absolutely love it! You did such a wonderful job. :)

  2. Bianca Tarleton says

    Good for you for making the space your own! I must admit, we haven't done a single thing in our room, and it's starting to look more and more like we'll be extending our stay at Case de Emory as well. Baskets of laundry occupy the floor (only I hold the map to knowing which is clean or dirty), plus our two dogs sleep in there with us. For the longest time I've been throwing myself a pity party about how in the world can we fit our entire lives into a single room…and yet again, your post is the perfect reminder for me to take a look at myself from a different angle. Perhaps I might see what I can do about ours…and post a before / after shot! ;)

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Do it! It really helps make it more settled and homey :) Although, I didn't share the upstairs living room explosion – it still needs work! That's where the changing table, Jem's dresser, glider, and cloth diaper drying rack reside.

  4. MommyLauren says

    That's great you took the time to do that! I'm sure it makes you feel much more settled which will be a big comfort when baby brother comes…I'm curious to hear how the co-sleeping with 2 will go…are you nervous the frequent wakings/feedings will wake Jemma up in the middle of the night too?

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I'm curious how it is going to go too! EEK! We have Jem's crib mattress tucked behind the door so she has the option to snuggle up on that next to Dominic's side if we need to make that transition. She's a pretty hard sleeper these days so I'm not thinking it will be an issue, but who knows!?! I do have a comfy glider set up in the TV room right outside our room, so I can always snuggle up there at night for nursing if need be.

  6. Jessicarogers8 says

    what are great little space. every little girl needs to be independent. i love it. :) and what a smart idea moving the little doll baby in the co-sleeper! jessicahttp://feistyfeathers.blogspot.com