35 + 36 Weeks

35 weeks pregnant

How far along: 36 weeks, 2 days

Gender: A little man. Who is oh so loved.

Weight gain: I’ve tipped into the 170s, so, plus 25-ish pounds. And with the holidays it is only going to skyrocket from here. I blame eggnog lattes. Ok, fine, and this dip.

Sleep: I have sequestered myself to the guest room and it’s divine.

Best moment this week: I bought the Adele CD, I mean, obviously I did, because everyone did. And Max is in love with “Hello”. So, now he smashes his face on my belly and sings, “Hellllllllllo, from the OUTSIDE …” which is just too funny and fitting :)

Worst moment this week: Baby kicked/punched me in the bladder so hard right before I got in the shower that I peed on the floor. ON. THE. FLOOR. 

Miss anything: Stomach sleeping. Going to the chiropractor and my prenatal massages are an absolute dream thanks to their special pregnancy pillows that allow me to “lay” on my tummy.

Movement/Position: We’ve got a bum on the left, head down, and lots of feet kicks. He is abdomen out so my normal preggo outie has turned into an innie. First time ever! 

Cravings: If I eat too much I just feel full. I almost bought watermelon this week, but was too worried that it would be a gross winter one and not a sweet summer one. 

Looking forward to: Our home visit next week. It feels like such a milestone to reach the date where we’re officially approved for a home birth. AND, one of my sister’s friends who is a crazy amazing artist is belly painting soon — like this!

What Jemma thinks: “Now that my brother has a name … I’m going to start thinking up really cute nicknames!!!”

What Max thinks: “Hi baby! You comin’ for Cwistmas? Or maybe not? Mom, how soon ’til Cwistmas is here?”

Flashback —> 36 weeks with Max + the only thing I mentioned at 36 weeks with Jemma

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