Day #20 – Savoring the Moments

30 Days to Baby … which after my appointment the other day might need to switch to 45 Days to Baby. Chuckle. Laugh. Cry.

Pretty soon I’ll be announcing the arrival of my little one. It floors me how fast this little darling has matured from the size of a blueberry to a massive summer watermelon! I mean, the progression has been astounding!

Rather than focusing on the hum drum of these last few days (ahem, I mean what could be weeks) I’ve been trying my darndest to get pumped up about all that is to come. I mean, my birthday is next week, Dominic and I get to have a baby-free date almost every night and I’ve been swooning over treasures such as these …

Cheers to Etsy for another fabulous find!

I truly want one of these Etsy delights for above our little one’s bookshelf!

See, the last few weeks of pregnancy are glorious moments that I’ll never get back. Who else has hours to peruse Etsy, eBay and friend’s blogs? Not a mama with a baby in her arms! Only a mama with a baby in her tummy :) A mama like me!

Hi Baby Beluga … Remember when your Daddy and I used to call you that everyday? Well, we’re back at it. Especially now that we can feel your every wiggle, flip and move!
Our midwife, Lucina, said she has a pretty good guess on if you are a boy or girl. The sad part is … she won’t tell us! I can’t believe we have held out this long. You are going to be quite the surprise since neither Daddy or I have a good guess. Snuggle you soon, little beluga :)

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  1. says

    ah… I remember it be hard to wait at the end too, but pretty soon you'll be wondering where all that extra time went. =) And wishing you could just take a shower without some little person crying in the background (or something like that haha)

  2. says

    Oh man. And the countdown goes on.I can't imagine how excited you must be!! :)