It’s been a lovely little break from blog land! I definitely need to do this more often. Unplugging is a great feeling, very peaceful and calm … even if I did stumble along the way and Instagram a few pics and catch up on Call the Midwife. 
During my week off I took the chance to recreate a picture based on this darling “Loved” onesie. Jemma and Max are almost spot on in age – just a week or so off – can you believe how full Jem’s cheeks were?

Although this picture is freakin’ adorbs, and I kinda can’t wait to do it again when #3 comes along someday, the biggest news of the week is that Dominic’s had his first week back to work – YIPPEE! In the end, he received two job offers and we were able to really assess his career future and what fit him best. Such a blessing and answer to prayer. He is working at a building supply company – the same field he was in before – but in an administrative management role with a bend on finances … a perfect role for him to apply his talents and passions. I’m so happy for him! The kids and I are planning a lunch visit once he gets moved into his office – we can’t wait, especially Jemma, to see Daddy’s new “wert” (work)!

In other big news … my little sis graduated from college and we hosted a family party for her on Sunday evening. Even better, she didn’t leave after the party! Aunt Hannah is taking up residence in our guest room. She’s one of my besties and I’m thrilled the kiddos will get a hefty dose of her since she’s been away during her senior year. It’s gonna be a good summer. My Mom and other sis are teachers, so by the end of June we’re all in heaven because we love doing life together!

What’s been new with you lately?

P.S. I went headband shopping over at Gizmo – LOVE! Oh, and Dominic snuck a pressie into my Mom’s car this week so I wouldn’t find it … I wonder if he saw my Mother’s Day gift idea post?!?!? Oh, and every month I eagerly await Oana Befort’s new desktop calendar. They are the. most. gorgeous. and I smile every time I open my computer. May is no exception.
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