{GUEST POST} Rin from Little One: A Birth Story

Australian mamas are some of my absolute favorites, especially Rin. We’ve been friends since our early days of blogging and I’m so happy to have her here to today sharing her birth story!
Here’s a little intro straight from her:
Hi! I’m Rin. 
I blog over at Little One. My little one, hubs and I live in Australia with our pet kangaroo. As the lovely Gretchen is busy snuggling with her new little man, I thought I’d share with you the story of how my little one came into the world. Like Gretchen, I’m a bit of a crunchy mama. We breastfeed, use cloth nappies, don’t like chemicals and baby wear. I had in mind the perfect natural birth. But we don’t always get what we want. 
Happy babycation Gretchen! Enjoy that new little one. 
– – – – –
We had been waiting for our little girl a long time. My due date came and went and I was getting so eager to meet this little person who I knew was growing inside of me.
My first contraction came after eating at a ramen bar six days after my due date. It hurt so much but instead of curling in pain I shrieked with excitement. There had been a few false starts in the week before but this felt different.
We went home, got my bags ready by the door and sat and waited. 
My water broke at 10pm. I am so so grateful that my mum (a midwife) was there. 
She noticed something was up.
If she hadn’t been there I would have gone to bed and… ?
We called the birth centre and went in.
After a quick chat with the midwife it became clear that my birth centre natural birth would not be happening.
We waited and waited and my contractions stopped.
We left the warm, mood-lit birth centre and entered the cold labour ward. 
Piece by piece my natural birth started falling apart.
I was attached to a heart monitor. No water birth, no shower.
I had to stay close to my bed or on it.
I was stuck, I was unhappy, I was out of control.
And then the doctors entered the room. Lots of doctors. I thought this was normal but it wasn’t.
Our little ones heart rate had been dipping with each of my contractions.
Dipping too much.
She needed to come out.
I was only one cm dilated. She wasn’t coming out naturally.
Then they dropped the c-bomb.
Within a matter of minutes I was being whisked off to surgery.
It was an experience like no other. I felt like a car on a production line. There were people around me plugging things in, arranging tools, making a space for the little one.
I was told to lie down, sit up, raise my arms, put them down.
I was alone in a room full of strangers.
Finally my hubs was allowed in. I clung to him like a lifeboat.
As they were sawing me in two we sung songs together.
Songs that reminded me of how good God is.
My voice was quivery but my heart was sure.
This little one we had waited and waited for was coming at last.
And out she came. The first time I heard her little cry my heart became full.
I wanted to hold her and kiss her and feed her.
The next few days are a blur in my memory.

I was sore and couldn’t do much for our little one.

My hubs was a pro. He did so much.
I was sad about missing out on my perfect natural birth but in the end it really didn’t matter.
My little one was out and safe. We bonded, and breastfed and baby wear.
Little Lucy is fifteen months old and about as AP as they come. 
You can read more about how our little one came into the world here:

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