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This week I scrolled through my recent posts to recall what I’ve covered here on the blog and found it so lacking :/ I used to share some pretty awesome posts if I do say so myself and the last few months have been random Style Files, recipes and pregnancy updates. Kind of lame if you ask me.

I blame my lackluster here in part to baby tres, but mostly to my new, and most favorite writing gig of all time – mom.me! That’s where my thoughts and heart has been lately. Don’t fret too much though. The second trimester has delivered me a big boost of energy so I’m back in action with my evening writing hours – praise the Lord! Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.55.15 PMHere’s a round up of what I’ve written for mom.me the last few months. Enjoy my variety of ramblings and feel free to repin any that you love! You can find them all here.

5 Ways To Help Your Child Transition To Their Own Bed

Inspired by real life, ya’ll! This mama is needing some space in the king before a new little one arrives, but I’m doing my best to be sensitive to Max’s needs. I mean, after all, “mama’s bed” as he calls it, is the only place he’s ever known for sleep.

One Thing All Breastfeeding Working Moms Need To Know

Nursing Jemma was one long learning curve for me. I still write about it, 5 years later, because my experience breastfeeding her impacted me beyond belief. From my excess lipase, to pumping, to returning to work and then her nursing strike turned weaning it’s no wonder I get so emotional about breastfeeding my babies!

3 Things I Believe Made My Second Labor 38 Hours Shorter

This post received some interesting comments on Facebook. I promise, I get it that second babies usually come faster, but really 40 hours of labor (Jemma) to 2 hours (Max)? I know I did things differently the second time that helped and I totally swear by them now. Excited to see how it all plays out with wild card baby #3!

10 Questions To Ask When Interviewing a Pediatrician

So often I hear mamas and dads being unhappy with their doctors and I just want to shake them and yell, “We live in America! Pick a new doctor! You’re paying them to do a job for you and if they’re not fulfilling your expectations – leave!!!”

Saying No To First Trimester Ultrasounds

Another something to add to the parenting research lists – ultrasounds. Truly though, the more I read, the more I’m led to stay away. Ultrasounds are new, albeit cool, but there are literally no long term studies proving their safety. In our world of immediate gratification I get the pull to “see” our babies at each and every opportunity, but some things are worth the wait.

4 Reasons Midwives Win

Is it really a surprise I love these ladies so much? No, no it is not.

My Baby Doesn’t Have a Nursery

Both Jemma and Max had haphazard corners and a tiny theme trickled throughout their baby gear, but a room of their own? Nope. And they are both alive and well! And honestly, I think I slept better early on because of it! Baby #3 is in the same no-nursery boat :)

Did You Birth Without Fear?

I shared on Facebook and Instagram that I went to the BWF meet up in Portland, but not here! I went in May and loved it. Even more I love following the #birthwithoutfear hashtag on Instagram. It’s the most encouraging place to browse and make friends.

10 Things That Will Make You Cry During the First Trimester

Can you tell I was weepy when I pitched this idea? Maybe I should have added to the list, “Trying to think of post pitch ideas when you’re dog tired and can hardly stay awake to write a sentence let alone an entire article.”

10 Songs On My Soundtrack of Motherhood

I’ve kind of always viewed my life like an awkward movie. No doubt, this motherhood phase takes the cake when it comes to film worthy fiascos.

Just Because I Have a Girl and a Boy Doesn’t Mean “I’m Done”

When Dominic and I were dating I told him in Red Robin over that ginormous chocolate cake that I wanted to have four children. We were blessed with a girl and a boy first so maybe we’re aiming for another duo … or maybe a whole basketball team. Really, it’s none of your business :)

5 Reasons I’m Announcing My Pregnancy Early

One of my favorite posts that also seems to be one of my most viewed. Honestly, I respect whatever you decide to do, but for me, I knew an early announcement was necessary to my sanity.

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