How To Strategically Shop Online

I’m popping in today with a very friendly (and unsponsored, but affiliate) public service announcement. It’s about both saving and earning money and is plain ol’ awesome in my opinion. You with me? It’s really fabulous! Meet Ebates … Here’s the deal … I’ve been using Ebates for online shopping for about 2 years now. […]

The Best Return Policies

As you get older, you learn things about yourself. And I, have learned one very important thing about myself and my shopping habits … it’s about return policies. I’m pretty strategic about the things I buy. I research, I price compare, I hold my breath, and save. When it comes time to spend my hard earned […]

The 2014 Annual Patio Sale

Every year the large retirement center in our town hosts a patio sale to raise funds for their Benevolent Fund. Items are donated and curated from residents and their families and I’ve never walked away without a handful of treasures. Pause, who am I kidding, handfuls? More like, bag fulls! Two summers ago we went […]

Style File — SAHM Code

Essential Starbucks Stop + Church — dress, Target via consignment store ($7!) /// jean jacket, GAP circa 2000 … remember when they had that whole line of embroidered denim? Yep, this was part of it, there is an embroidered peacock on the back! /// sunnies, TOMs via Nordstrom /// wedges, TOMS via Nordstrom /// bracelet, […]

Our $5,000 Wedding

This spring I participated in Kari’s Koupons‘ Weddings on a Dime feature. Seeing that today is Dominic and I’s 5 year anniversary (WOOHOO!), I thought it would be fitting to share the scoop on our frugal wedding! Hope you enjoy! HOW WE MET …  Dominic and I met while attending Warner Pacific College in Portland, […]

I Heart Sales!

Have you discovered Heartsy yet? Well, if not, you’ve got to check it out! It’s one of those deal sites, but this one specialize in homemade, Etsy and green type products. Today through Monday they are featuring Better Life cleaning products. We have both the What-EVER and Take It For Granite cleaners and love them […]

Another Day, Another Dollar

42 months ago, Dominic and I started a long journey.    It was October 2007 and we were newlyweds. We had just moved into our first apartment, put our honeymoon on my faithful(?) MasterCard and we were ready to live it up. We were DINKs (double income, no kids) and life was our oyster.   […]