Welcome to Our Living Room

Months ago we found this adorable pack ‘n play in Target’s clearance. It’s finally set-up and waiting for a little baby … JUST LIKE US!

Activity Room, ready for fun!


The Activity Room consists of Dominic’s desk (never pictured), our guest bed, rocking chair for reading/nursing and baby’s bookshelf … if you are wondering why the crib is missing, see here for pictures of our Sleeping Room! Artwork by yours trulyBed, hand-me-down from my Grammy and powder coated whiteNightstand, hand-me-down from my friend, Reina, and […]

Garage Drama


After the Home Sweet Home post on Saturday I am sure you were wondering what wasn’t complete in our new place. You guessed it … this mama has major GARAGE DRAMA! Any tips for conquering the task of garage organization?

Home Sweet Home


We moved into our new house 6 weeks ago. After that we had a few weeks of solid progress. Lots of organization, cleaning and setting up house. Then something called summer happened and we decided to take a break from it all. The upstairs has taken the brunt of our relaxation, but last night we […]

To the Brim


I am brimming with angst and longing to do something creative. Something. ANYTHING. Often time doesn’t allow, so I sit and dream of a day with lots of time and energy and enthusiasm to conquer a project other than laundry. You see, yesterday I went treasure hunting at the Salvation Army. I mean, who can […]

Waiting for Baby


After a long weekend of making our house a home we are finally putting on the finishing touches. We have a sweet, little cradle camping out in the corner of the living room … just waiting for our baby’s arrival.

Petit Collage


I’m in love with Petit Collage’s artwork … like drooling over them. So quaint and beautiful! If I had an arm and a leg to spend on nursery artwork these would already be hanging on my walls.

Settling into home


Last night Dominic and I ventured to …Throughout the last week we have managed to put together quite the shopping list of random things needed for the new house. After wandering for a good hour (while making a wish list for our next trip) we gathered up all the essentials … and a few extras […]

More on Moving

No need to sugar coat things. Moving is tough. It’s unsettling to be in a new place that doesn’t yet feel like home. Moving isn’t fun and I prefer fun. Yesterday morning I couldn’t find the box with my hairspray. I guess I was the ring leader for a new holiday — “Flat Hair Day”. […]