Christmas Countdown

cold outside

Hello December 1st! I wanted to take quick moment and tell you that I want to do all the things with you this month. I want to make a thousand cookies and go Christmas caroling while bundled up in my favorite scarf. I want to visit Zoo Lights and Snowflake Lane, Holiday Lights and all the […]

A Tech Free Christmas

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Did I let Jemma circle her little heart out when the Toys R Us Christmas catalog arrived last week?  Of course I did. I’m not the mom version of Wicked Witch of the West! But, when it comes down to what I’ll actually be spending my money on this Christmas, it probably won’t be found in […]

Vote On My Minted Holiday Cards + a Giveaway

minted 1

I smite the beginning of Christmas season when it appears everywhere before Thanksgiving. But, let’s be real, some things take time and energy beyond the month of December. Exhibit One … HOLIDAY CARDS. Shall we focus on that gem of a project today? Yes, yes we shall.  Without a doubt, I’m returning to Minted this year […]