Gretchen & Baby

As promised, my mom and I had a min-photo shoot this past weekend to document the 30 week milestone. I feel like we’ve moved into a new decade! Can you believe there are only 10-ish weeks left until you get to see my baby’s smiling face?!?!? {photo credit} My amazing mother {outfit credit} Summer Tank […]

Down the runway … of life

Here is top number two of the Moody Mama spoils … … and to all the pregnant mamas out there you MUST get the pants I am wearing. They are Jolt Jeggings from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. They aren’t maternity (can be found in the BP Juniors section), but they have an elastic waist and are […]

7 months {28 weeks}

The camera charger is lost, so this month we had to go with an iPhone snapshot … so much for symmetry in my whole month by month project. Oh well, part of being a mom I guess. Perfection is gone forever :)

Feelin’ Moody on This Monday

Remember when I won the Moody Mama giveaway? The spoils have arrived! This is top number one. I added the skinny belt. Skinny belts are my new favorite thing. They make me feel like I still have a waist. Even though I don’t. Keep you eye out for top number two. It’s pink and plaid […]

Blueberries for Baby … Next Year

We woke up this morning with grand plans to visit a u-pick blueberry farm. I wanted to get a batch to eat and a batch to freeze. So, I dressed in my sweetest blueberry outfit and off we went! Only to find out that our blueberry farm was “Closed for Ripening”. So, our trip has […]

1986 Bump

Mom and I found a fabulous photo album of her pregnancy pictures as well as the journal she kept while expecting me. Trust, storage held some marvelous treasures such as this. Who would have thought I’d be blogging 24 years later about my pregnancy … you know, an online journal. I’m sure she would have […]