Classic Books to Read With Your Daughter

When it comes to books, I’m a historical fiction kind of girl. As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to “old” stories – the ones filled with period dresses, adventures in the unknown and bedtime at sundown. Don’t all us mothers dream of a sundown bedtime? Even though my daughter is just two, […]

Christmas Eve Soup Tour

I adore having food traditions during the holidays. I know some families have candy-making days, others decorate gingerbread houses, and some host cookie exchanges or peppermint parties. Us, I guess we skip the sweets and go straight for the “real” food. Christmas Eve is all about soup and Christmas Day is celebrated with a salt-packed […]

Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies

Back in the day I was a nanny for two sweet girls. Most days after school we found ourselves in the kitchen mixing up a treat. With the winter weather brewing outside there was nothing better than a warm oven, tasty dough, and some good ol’ kitchen conversation about homework, boys, and the upcoming Christmas […]

Last Month on Baby Gizmo

Every week I share about my life over a Baby Gizmo. Sometimes it’s a review of a much-loved product, sometimes it’s a little DIY or a favorite recipe or collaboration of favorite things. On occasion it’s just an explosion of what’s on my mind. Whatever it is, I’d love for you to pop over, read […]


Mister Max is already 2 weeks old … really almost 3 … and I’m just now pulling together some Instapics from his first week. Guess that goes to show how busy things are with two little ones. Hardly any time for blogging, let alone time with two hands free! Things have been hard and wonderful […]