Christmas Eve Soup Tour

I adore having food traditions during the holidays. I know some families have candy-making days, others decorate gingerbread houses, and some host cookie exchanges or peppermint parties. Us, I guess we skip the sweets and go straight for the “real” food. Christmas Eve is all about soup and Christmas Day is celebrated with a salt-packed prime rib.

As long as I can remember our family has celebrated Christmas Eve with a soup tour. For our supper, after Christmas Eve service and before family gifts, we dine on two or three choice soups. It’s the perfect meal for cold December days, wouldn’t you agree?

Interested in adding soup to your Christmas Eve? Take a moment to peek at each of these recipes. They all look divine! I’m feeling a definite pull to French onion this year and I know my hubby is going to vote for the buffalo chicken. And I know from experience that the crockpot potato soup is the perfect option to prep prior to Christmas Eve service, because, hello, coming home to a hot meal? A total yes!

What holiday food traditions does your family have? 
Any favorite soup recipes you’d care to pass on? I’d love to tuck them away in my soup tour binder – please share! 
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  1. says

    Loooove Soup! Great tradition! My kiddos aren't big fans of soup but maybe when they are older. We don't really have a tradition yet but I'd like to make one. Growing up we always went to a nice restaurant after Christmas Eve service but we've tried that and it is SO busy! Everyone goes out! With little ones its just a little too much. This year I think we are just going to come home, make some pizza and head to bed early to rest up for the next day of fun! I make a yummy Tortellini Sausage Soup!

  2. says

    I love soup! that's a really good idea. we always had turkey and ham on Christmas when we were growing up. I'm trying to figure out a special routine for our little family still, though.

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Oooo, the tortellini sausage sounds delicious! Hearty too!