Gretchen & Baby

As promised, my mom and I had a min-photo shoot this past weekend to document the 30 week milestone. I feel like we’ve moved into a new decade! Can you believe there are only 10-ish weeks left until you get to see my baby’s smiling face?!?!? {photo credit} My amazing mother {outfit credit} Summer Tank […]

Down the runway … of life

Here is top number two of the Moody Mama spoils … … and to all the pregnant mamas out there you MUST get the pants I am wearing. They are Jolt Jeggings from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. They aren’t maternity (can be found in the BP Juniors section), but they have an elastic waist and are […]

7 months {28 weeks}

The camera charger is lost, so this month we had to go with an iPhone snapshot … so much for symmetry in my whole month by month project. Oh well, part of being a mom I guess. Perfection is gone forever :)

Feelin’ Moody on This Monday

Remember when I won the Moody Mama giveaway? The spoils have arrived! This is top number one. I added the skinny belt. Skinny belts are my new favorite thing. They make me feel like I still have a waist. Even though I don’t. Keep you eye out for top number two. It’s pink and plaid […]

Blueberries for Baby … Next Year

We woke up this morning with grand plans to visit a u-pick blueberry farm. I wanted to get a batch to eat and a batch to freeze. So, I dressed in my sweetest blueberry outfit and off we went! Only to find out that our blueberry farm was “Closed for Ripening”. So, our trip has […]