Waco, Texas Getaway | Where To Go, What To See, + Everything You Have To Eat

Last year a dear girlfriend and I decided that an annual getaway was a must. We swept away to the beach and enjoyed a calm and peaceful two days soaking up the sights and sounds of the ocean. This year, we set our eye on a busier destination – Waco, Texas!

I had been once, five years ago, but she had never been and it was on her bucket list. So, we booked a hotel and packed an itinerary full of fabulous stops. Ya’ll Waco is good. Very much worth an adventure.

A few weeks post girl’s trip our family was in Dallas and I took my kids on a day trip to Waco. We visited some of the same spots and added in a few new places. This post will be a collaboration of both trips – highlights of everything we loved the very most.

Magnolia Market

Magnolia is a Waco destination if there ever was one. You can spend the whole day just soaking it all up. The shops, sweets, and grounds are impeccable and honestly we already can’t wait to go back.

I highly recommend the chai tea latte at Magnolia Press and my kids loved everything at Silos Baking Co., especially the Brownie Cookie and Cookie Sandwich.

Important Note | Magnolia Market is not open on Sundays. If you’re adventuring on a weekend, be sure Magnolia is on your list for Saturday.

The Findery

Across the street from Magnolia you’ll see The Findery (501 S. 8th St.). It is a lovely boutique with all sorts of treasures. I bought some of my favorite dishes there on this last trip.

Magnolia Table

I love good food and Magnolia Table serves the best! Do not miss the fresh juice and breakfast sandwich. It’s the housemade tater tots that will really wow you though. Seriously, order extra! Who knew potatoes could be so amazing.

Open for breakfast and lunch (6:30am – 3:30pm), Magnolia Table is THE place to eat while in Waco. It is about a 10 minute drive from Magnolia MarketReservations can be made Monday-Thursday, 30 days before you intend to dine. Walk ups are also an option, just expect to wait 45 minutes most days. Magnolia Table is also closed on Sundays.

The Little Shop on Bosque

At 3801 Bosque Rd. you’ll find the original Magnolia shop. It now houses discontinued and sale items. That means, if I were you, I’d pop over there first. It’s a quick stop and then you’ll know what you can snag on sale before perusing regular price items at Magnolia Market.

Fabled Bookshop & Cafe

We are a family of readers and Fabled is officially our favorite bookstore. Ya’ll, they have a Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe wardrobe door! It leads to the children’s area and is truly magical. My son has two book-inspired tees from Fabled (you can order online if Waco isn’t in your near future) and the book selection is top notch. Fabled is within walking distance of Magnolia so swing on by when you’re in the area.

Hey Sugar

Another shop within Magnolia’s vicinity, Hey Sugar boasts … sugar! All sorts! Candy, ice cream, soda – new, fun, and retro varieties. A fun stop for sure.

Dr. Pepper Museum

Well yes, you can walk to the Dr. Pepper Museum from Magnolia too! It’s not something you need to do every time, but it’s worth a stop once. I’d recommend if for ages 10+; there is a lot of reading throughout the museum. With admission you do get a free soda and you can upgrade it to a float – that was our favorite part!

Cameron Park

There is a zoo at Cameron Park but we only had time to explore the waterfront riverwalk of the Brazos River. It was a great place to stretch our legs! We loved the challenge of Jacob’s Ladder too. Next time we intend to try out a few more trails, check out at some of the playgrounds throughout Cameron Park, and actually go to the zoo.

A Few Extras

It might seem negligible but we also popped into Goodwill while we were in Waco. And, guess what? They had an entire section of Baylor wear! If you’re a Bear fan, that’s the place to stock up on gear.

Waco also has an In-n-Out and a Dutch Bros. – yes! Then there is Union Hall, another gem within walking distance of Magnolia. Union Hall is like an indoor food court, but not like what you’d find at the mall. 20+ unique restaurants with everything from salads to curry to burgers to edible cookie dough, and a mac ‘n cheese bar. Basically, something to make everyone happy.

Next Time

Waco has too much goodness – even for two trips! When we trek back (which we absolutely will) I can’t wait to try out:

  • Ninfa’s – Tex Mex
  • Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shoppe
  • Katie’s Frozen Custard
  • Nightlight Donuts
  • Waco Mammoth National Monument
  • Cameron Park Zoo
  • Spice Village – home goods and clothing
  • Splendid Oaks Chocolates
  • Mayborn Museum

Have you visited Waco? What do you love and recommend? I’d love to know!

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