Mini Style File — The Little Brother’s One-Tees

Melanie, the mastermind behind One-Tees, is the queen of creative repurposing. When I first heard about her concept, I thought it was brilliant! Don’t we all want a way to pass sentimental things on to our kids or commemorate a specific season of life? Well, One-Tees does just that by converting your adult size tee into a baby or toddler size onesie or romper!


Pause right there … can we all squeal over Reid’s cool boy pose?!?

Ok, back to One-Tees and how this awesome transformation happens!

  • First, you choose an adult tee you love, but don’t wear anymore … a sport’s one from high school, your favorite band tee that no longer fits, a graphic you’ve always loved, or ??? the sky is the limit! 
  • Then, you mail it Melanie with a pre-paid shipping label that she emails you. 
  • Melanie works her magic and transforms your adult tee into a baby or toddler size onesie or romper! New life for an old love!
  • She send it back and ta-da … mega cuteness!


Reid and Eli were the happy recipients of their very own One-Tees. Eli got a super fun video game inspired one that started as one of his aunt’s shirts that shrunk in the wash. It’s not a vintage tee, but it connects aunt and nephew is a fun way. You see, our family doesn’t have a video game system, but Aunt Kiki does. So, on occasion, the kids will ask her to bring it when she visits. It has become a fun ritual to try new games on her visits and practice reaching new levels on past favorites. And now, Eli is officially the a weekend gamer-to-be :)

Reid is repping our Seattle Mariners in one of Dominic’s old tees. Dom didn’t think it fit quite right anymore, but we still loved the color and graphic so instead of landing in our donation box this Mariner’s tee got a fresh start thanks to Melanie!



I was super impressed with the whole process (fast and easy!) and the quality of each tee to romper transformation was top notch. If you’re looking for a unique gift or a way to repurpose a treasured tee – look no further than One-Tees!

Placing an order of your own soon? Use code MAMAGRETCHEN for 10% off through the end of 2017 (one use per customer). And be sure to follow One-Tees on Instagram. I love seeing sneak peeks over there!


A big thank you to One-Tees for gifting Reid and Eli their hip rompers! We’re big fans of this comfy style!


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