Reid’s Room Tour

It has been months now since Dominic finished Reid’s bed, but seeing that Reid is four and still learning to keep things tidy, his room hasn’t really been picture lately.

Reid’s room also doubles as our guest room so with visitors last month we got it all straightened. And before his little wild and crazy self re-entered, I snapped a few pictures to share his space.

We weren’t really in the market for a room makeover, so most things in Reid’s room have been repurposed from elsewhere in the house. His bed was the only true addition. And it was handmade by his Daddy!

Inspired by this bed on Amazon, Dominic designed and crafted a double size version. Lots of sanding and one small mishap with the cute chimney later, it was done and in place!

For quite awhile I searched for a bedspread/duvet/comforter, but finally landed on a white down comforter we already had layered with two throws (one from Marshall’s and one from Costco) for a bit of texture and variety.

Now, the pillows! My mom went to the Pendelton warehouse last summer and bought lots of scraps. She fashioned pillow covers for all the boys’ beds and I just love them! Jemma chose the tiger pillow (similar) as a surprise for him on one of our girl’s only Target outings and the big grey plush one in the back is part of the Berkshire VelvetLoft set. He convinced his Mimi to give him one of her pillowcase because it’s “just sooooooo soft and cozy!” and truly they are the best! Jemma got a twin set for her birthday last year and was genuinely happy. You know they’re good when a kid gets sheets for their birthday and they’re happy about it! The other pillows are either thrifted or old :)

Reid’s dresser was one of our very first painting projects years ago at our first house – you can see it in our kitchen/dining area here. The artwork above and decor upon are all a mix from Hobby Lobby and Target. All clearance that my mom or I gathered. Well, the Raja tiger figure is from Funko … I had to let Reid add his own personal touch!

The chair and Pottery Barn Kids desk were both thrifted, 99 cents and $40 respectively. The Lorena Canals rug us one we reviewed long ago. It’s washable and thus, a real winner for a kid’s room. In fact, it just got a fresh spin in the washing machine after some marker coloring gone rogue.

I love the framed piece that has clips for photos. It’s so easy to swap favorites in and out when I do a print run. And the framed tiger photo is just a card from Trader Joe’s – they’re my favorite place for fun prints! And yes, that’s totally a mini bin full of painted rocks. Some of Reid’s most treasured possessions!

Reid keeps three of his favorite games in his room on the under desk shelf – Cars Dominoes, Frida’s Fruit Fiesta, and The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel. All are highly recommended for the preschooler age; perfect first games!

The small book crate is from Target, we thrifted ours on Facebook Marketplace but they are still available in stores. Again, Reid keeps a selection of his personal favorite books including Poke-A-Dot, My First Hand’s On Bible (ideal for kids 3-6 years old), and the ever-so-loved Pokemon handbook.

I’m always curious where toys are in room tours, so here’s what we’ve got going on inside the closet …

… an old IKEA Expedit with picture labeled totes that only sometimes have the correct contents in them. Above are his few hanging clothes and the other half of the closet is a hot mess of sewing supplies and my Just Between Friends consignment stash. No photos of that mess required :)

Last, but not least, the curtains were a Costco find! Their home department has really stepped up their game lately! These are blackout ones so his room can get really dark for those summer bedtimes when it’s still light out at 9pm. The rod is this French pipe one from Target; an easy install according to Dom and one of the more sturdy ones we’ve had.

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