DIY “Potty Training On the Go” Kit

Today I committed a cardinal sin when it comes to potty training — I left home without my “Potty Training On the Go” KitGo ahead, cue all the mom brain jokes, I’ve already been officially diagnosed as “super forgetful” by Jemma :)

I honestly have yet to do this in all my years of potty training, but just this morning I brought my bag of supplies from the car into the house to snap a few photos for this post and, of course, the stars aligned and Max had an accident while we were out and about. Heavens! I rigged up a haphazard way for us to get home (which included on of Reid’s rompers!) and made myself promise to never, ever let this happen again. Being left high and dry, or, well, high and wet, without the necessary supplies to clean up was plain ol’ tragic for everyone involved.

So, today, I’ve got a few tid bits of advice if you’re on the brink or in the midst of potty training …

  1. Spend 5 minutes creating a “Potty Training On the Go” Kit for you and your clan
  2. Put it in the car, AND LEAVE IT THERE
  3. When you utilize something in it … and you will, restock immediately 

potty train on the go

The most crucial supplies you’ll need for your kit can be found at Sam’s Club. If you’re not a member, you should be! Even if you don’t have a Sam’s Club super close many items ship for free and there is nothing better than saving money and having things you need delivered straight to your door! When it comes to potty training there is simply no reason not to stock up. I promise, you’ll put every Pull Up and wipe you buy to use sooner or later.

sam's club

Here is a peek at exactly what I keep in our “Potty Training On the Go” Kit …

potty training on the go

Shorts — It’s never a bad idea to have a change of bottoms with you. I chose a pair of shorts with an elastic waist so they could potentially fit a variety of sizes. You never know when one of your kids or perhaps a friend’s little one might put these to use!

Waterproof Shoes — When accidents happen, sometimes shoes get the worst of it. A pair of slip ons are a great back up option to have in the car.

Huggies Pull Ups — As most potty training parents know, there is a fine line between wearing unders and wearing a Pull Up when you’re on the go. To reduce messes I’m a firm believer in wearing Pull Ups when we leave home. Pretty much, my nightmares are made up of being in one corner of the store and having a kiddo shriek that they have to go potty NOW and rushing with a full cart and 3 kids to find the restroom. Having back up Pull Ups often saves the day.

Cottonelle Wipes — These things are Priceless with a capital P! They’re strong and perfect for teaching little ones how to clean up in the bathroom. We buy these in bulk and refill our hard Cottonelle container because it is easier for the kids to pop the lid and grab a wipe when needed.

Plastic Bag — Messes happen, always have a plastic bag to seal up the aftermath.

Gummy Bears — You know what? Potty training is hard. On everyone. Whether you’re celebrating a success, wiping tears from an embarrassing accident, or thanking a big sibling for their patience during a fiasco it’s always nice to have a treat ready to share. For our family, gummy bears do the trick!

Zip all these supplies into a bag or snap it in a small plastic tote and you’re ready to potty train on the go! I keep mine in the back of the car right next to the stroller and car emergency kit and it has been a lifesaver more times than I can count. Well, except for today, when I foolishly forgot it at home. Never again!

pull ups

If you’re potty training today is your day to take advantage of extra special savings at Sam’s Club. Purchase any two Pull-Ups® Training Pants and/or Cottonelle® Fresh Care® Flushable Cleansing Cloths and receive a $10 e-Gift Card. Full details here

You can also enter a fantastic sweepstakes and potentially win a $500 Sam’s Club gift card. Now that would buy tons of necessities for the entire family – Woohoo! Quickly share a family photo and you’ll be in the running!

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  1. Jamie says

    You are right about never knowing who is going to need to use the potty training supplies! Once we were stuck in traffic and our 3 year old had to pee REALLY bad. No bathrooms in sight, so what do we do? Slip one of her sister’s diapers on her and tell her to go for it. We all had a good laugh and stayed dry!

  2. says

    I’m about to start potty training for the last time! I love this on the go kit! Being caught without all the necessities away from home is awful!

  3. says

    This kit would’ve saved me many times that’s for sure! Great tips and post!