Postpartum Reality — 12 Weeks


^^^ Transforming from tragic to pretty fantastic is one of my major life skills ^^^

How far into the 4th trimester:  It’s over! 12 weeks with my little Eli in my arms,

Weight loss: I packed our scale (we’re moving!), but before I did, I stepped on it and weighted 163 pounds. I peaked at about 210 with Eli so that’s a loss of 47 pounds in 3 months. Ideally, I’d like to get down to 145-150, but my true focus is to get fit enough that I feel strong and energetic as a mom. 

Sleep: Let’s see, we have quite the odd schedule right now. Eli falls asleep downstairs with me between 9-10pm. I stay up until 2am-ish, this is when I get the bulk of my work done. When he wakes to nurse we snuggle on the couch and then head to bed. He sleeps until 7am or so when the big boys also wake. Nurses again and snoozes while everyone gets ready. The beauty of all this? I don’t actually ever get woken up! I do make up for the odd sleep schedule by napping in the afternoon. I LOVE NAPS. 

Breastfeeding: Eli is 17 1/2 pounds now … that means he has gained 2 pounds a month! So, the milk is a flowin’ and we haven’t had any trouble lately. 

Other postpartum things: All the glory to my placenta pills. There is no way I’m staying sane on my own. It’s Jesus and those pills for sure.

Best moment this week month: Maybe not a best, but perhaps a most accomplished? I packed our entire freakin’ house while momming and invoicing out a ton of freelance work. The only thing I sacrificed was sleep. Like I mentioned, I’ve been climbing into bed between 2-3am each night. But hey, I’m haven’t fallen to the kid’s colds so I’m totally winning. Just wait, I’m going to hella crash in 2018 and be back to complain about how I worked myself into the GROUND, but whatevs, it all had to be done and I did it. 

Worst moment this week: See above. Isn’t that so life? The best is also the worst. So very weird, but true.

Miss anything: Being alone. I’m never ever ever alone. And as an extrovert, it’s weird to complain about that. But motherhood has given me mass appreciation for solo moments.

Cravings: That grilled cheese I blogged about, still a favorite! And my go to lunch is a quesadilla dipped in jalapeño dip. Yum!

Looking forward to: So much! The new house, Christmas, New Year’s (Reid’s birthday!), and starting fresh in 2018. I love starting a new year and am really looking forward to super organizing our home. I haven’t felt settled since summer 2016 when Dominic changed jobs and we made plans to move. It’s time. I can’t wait to say goodbye to all this transition!

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