Play Room Magnet Board

Have you seen all the darling magnet sets in Target’s Dollar Spot?

Technically they’re $3 … but still, not a bad deal! I grabbed a car set, a space set, and a princess/unicorn set for my kids and then realized that our fridge is the only magnet surface in the house. Tiny problem, because, as much as I’d like to trip over them while I work in the kitchen, I figured they and their new magnets should have a designated spot.

Play Room Magnet Board

Enter this magnet board and our dining room turned play room.

After one mis-order (I didn’t measure right), I found a magnet board that fit just right between the window sill and the baseboard. I ordered two and attached them with Command Strips. Now we have a magnet station in an otherwise unused space of the playroom!



I love the simplicity of magnets and the imaginative stories they bring out. In the photo above, Max told me that the green car was flying, “Like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang does, you know?” Which, side note, is such a fun book to read with your kids! We actually listened on audio and have now moved on to book #2 in the series. We watched the movie as a little celebration and it was quite fun to compare the book and the film. Sidenote to the sidenote – the movie does have that creepy child snatcher in it, so perhaps pre-screen the movie and see how your kids will do with that.

The magnet station is one of the most played with things in the play room these days. Jemma, Max, and Reid all love creating scenes and adventures. Sometimes they share. Sometimes they don’t. But, all in all, adding a magnet board was a good move. I’m crossing my fingers that Target launches some fresh magnet sets to add to our stash. I also have my eye on these ones …

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