5 Things Every Mom (Like Me!) Needs To Do To Keep Her Car Organized

Couldn’t have managed this organization project without our sponsor, Diono! Thank you for gifting our family with everything we needed to freshen things up in my mom mobile!

Whether you’ve got a summer road trip on your mind or your car has been overrun by all things children, it’s probably time to empty everything out and start fresh. 

And I’m not saying that to you. I’m saying that more to me.

Our family should clean out the car once a month … at least. The amount of garbage and coats and activity supplies that collect is absolutely astounding. But, we don’t. Time gets away from us and the clean out process happens more seasonally.


The big summer car prep cleanse just happened here. It was half my Mother’s Day present from Dominic and Max and half out of pure necessity. We tackled it as a team … I gathered all the stuff and reassessed what we actually needed in the car while the boys vacuumed, dusted, and detailed. It took some time. Like a whole afternoon. But it’s done and it’s beautiful! And 10x more functional than it was before.


If you’re in the same boat, I mean, car, as we are, here are a few things you may want to do to help keep things organized!

Make It a Family Affair

Mama didn’t make the mess all on her own so clean up shouldn’t be just her project either! Rally the forces and have everyone join in the cleaning and organizing. As I mentioned, we did this, and dare I say, it was borderline fun!

Have the Right Supplies

We’ve always been a Diono family (favorite car seats EVER!) and recently they sent us some fantastic organizational tools that really helped get things off the floor and more accessible. Jemma and Max love the Travel Pal. Like, I stocked it up, added it in between their seats, and when they saw it they unpacked it like it was Christmas! “Look! It’s my headphones! And sunglasses! And some snacks and water too!” Yep, it’s true. And awesome. Now, please keep it organized :)

Max inherited the Scuff ‘n Stuff due to his occasional seat kicking and Reid got the Stow ‘n Go for all his baby necessities like board books, diapers, wipes, and snacks. And, although not organizationally focused, we also added the Easy View Plus to Reid’s rear facing set up. It’s the best mirror! Adjustable, clear, and Reid got such a kick over seeing himself.

Do a Little Everyday

This is a message for ME! If I pick up a little everyday, maybe this massive seasonal sort and cleaning wouldn’t be so necessary. We’ll see how this goes … 

Minimize Food

Again, talking to myself here! I let my kids snack in the car quite often. And the crumbs? Well, let’s just say I’m thrilled we’ve never had little critters try to move in. I won’t say I’m cutting food all together. That’s just not realistic. But I am aiming to minimize how much snacking happens on the go.

Say “No Empty Hands”

When we pull into the driveway, Jemma and Max are quick to scamper into the house. I’m constantly calling them back and now add “no empty hands”! Whether it’s my Starbucks cup that needs to go to the trash, their library books, or Reid’s sippy cup, we all aim to carry something in that doesn’t belong in the car.




I know I’m committed to trying harder when it comes to keeping the car clean and organized. Truly , errands are so much happier … and prettier since freshening up my ride! 

What are your tips for keeping your mom car organized and functional? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

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    That seat-back protector is such a useful product! Our 4 year old often kicks the seat in front of her (not really her fault – the mechanism to move that seat forward is broken so it’s in the farthest back position possible…really cramping her space!) so something like that could be very helpful is saving the upholstery!