Style File — Heat Wave

September babies mean one thing … a summer filled with the third trimester and massive efforts to stay cool. 

And, I’m really, really good when it comes to complaining about the heat. Like, if my lamenting wasn’t so annoying, I could probably win some kind of award for all the heat-hating reasons I think on a daily basis.

Dominic can attest. The majority of my texts to him these days are the sunshine, pregnant lady, and whatever I can find to represent fainting. Sometimes I’ll add in the ice cold margarita as a means of begging for a date night … 

He’s usually game to plan said date night. Minus the margarita since someone has to follow the rules. He does buy me unlimited lemonades so a girl can only complain so much :)

My mom is a teacher, and bless her heart she came to visit all last week and then ended her stay with babysitting so Dom and I could sneak off on a date. We chose a waterfront restaurant and walked a bit after to help the ol’ gal (that’s me!) keep her daily waddle at a productive speed. 

Then *BOOM* Instagram husband noted that I was wearing a new maternity dress and offered to take a photo. But he didn’t feel like the first one had the right lighting, so we altered locations and despite his worry about catching his shadow (um, hello sweetheart, I can crop that!) he snapped a decent photo of my ever-growing self.

pink blush maternity

maternity dress

Week 29 of baby 4, consider yourself documented.

I actually super love this breezy dress because it’s going to transition to postpartum fabulously. And that’s the wisest way to shop for maternity IMO … things that can serve you with a bump and then in the months that it takes for the non-baby bump to dissipate. Can’t you just see this flowing number come Fall? Belted with a cardigan, leggings, and boots? I CAN! Stay tuned for a repeat style file down the road! 

Purple Floral Hi-Low Midi Dress c/o Pink Blush. Week 29 glow c/o the the sweatiest preggo you ever did meet.

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