I’ve written half a dozen posts about all our life transitions. And then they’ve just fallen by the wayside. Because things like packing and kids and surviving became priorities.

So, the timeline looks something like this …

In September Dominic accepted a promotion 2 hours away from home

He started commuting, staying in hotels during most of the week because who wants to drive 4+ hours a day. The goal was always for him to come home Wednesday nights for a family night, but that only happened sometimes. 

The plan was always to move our whole family north. But we had a house to sell. And a really busy Fall.

So we thought we’d list the house in January.

Then I decided (and Dom agreed) that we should list the house right before we left for Disneyland (in late November) so our realtor could maximize us being gone with lots of showings/open houses.

This totally worked and we got a full price (actually $1,000 over list price!) offer 16 days after our house went up for sale!

That was all during the holidays. So I spent Christmas packing. And finding out I was pregnant.

I felt like crap most of January. But kept packing. And Dom kept working far away. Thank goodness my Mom lived with us because she rescued me with dinner help and kids most evenings when she got home from work.

We moved on February 4th. The same day I hosted my best friend’s baby shower. Thankfully at her aunt’s house, not mine!

The kids had all been sick with colds during that final week. Jemma and Max got better. Reid did not. On February 5th, after an awful night of sleep at our new house, I Googled the closest walk-in clinic and took Reid in as soon as they opened. They sent us by ambulance to Seattle Children’s Hospital because his oxygen was low :(

We stayed for 3 days and Reid finally got the all clear to come home. My Mom saved the day(s) by staying with the big kids. And then she stayed a little longer because I came home dead beat tired (children’s hospitals are not made for parental rest) and still battling first trimester woes.

Now it’s Tuesday. We’ve lived in our new town for 10 days and I think I like it. We’re not close to being unpacked but the toaster is out (I love toast with butter and jam right now!) and our beds are set up. The bath tub here is great and Dominic and Reid have gotten into a good routine of going to bed together so I can stay up a little and catch up on everything I’ve let slide since all this began.

And that. Is everything. I think. 

For Valentine’s Day we had breakfast at Starbucks and did some recon of the area. It’s quaint and gorgeous and we’re excited for some family outings now  that we’re all back together again!


I don’t anticipate that this year probably will slow down much. Dom is loving his new job, but oh so busy. And we’re still hoping to move forward with building a house so if all goes as planned we’ll buy property this Spring or Summer. Then have a baby this Fall. Oh. My. Goodness. 2017, weren’t you supposed to be calm?

#imnotcomplaining #justoverwhelmed #andpreggodramatic

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    My goodness gracious. What a season of transition for you guys! Praying that God will bring peace and comfort to your whole family as you settle (hopefully!) into your new home and town.