The Best Foods of Disneyland

We went to Disneyland for so much more than the food, but, I will admit, it was a nice perk. I did my research beforehand (thank you, Pinterest) and set out with a list of things to try. Throughout our week we stumbled on a few of our own favorites and today, the full “report” is below! 

If you’re off to Disneyland soon, be sure to treat yourself to some of these Disneyland food wins!


Snickerdoodle from Pooh’s Corner

We heard that the chocolate chip cookies from Pooh’s Corner were the best, but after a very official taste test, we determined that actually the snickerdoodles were the true winners! Last year Jemma and I also enjoyed a giant cake pop from Pooh’s Corner. Basically, if you want a bakery treat, head Pooh’s way!

Disneyland snickerdoodle

Donuts From the Espresso Cart Outside of Frontierland

Disneyland donuts are new AND FABULOUS! They’re almost $6 but they’re giant and delicious, so, well worth splurging on.

Disneyland donut

Mickey Beingnets from Mint Julep

New Orleans Square boasts some of the best treats and nothing is better than a warm beingnets when the sun goes down. Or, well, any time of day! 

Disneyland beingnet

Gumbo from Blue Bayou

Disneyland gumbo was my first gumbo experience and it’s now one of my favorite soups! I had it alongside my monte cristo at Blue Bayou (that’s the restaurant inside of Pirates of the Caribbean) and fell in love, so hearty and delicious. The monte cristo is also top notch. It’s served with jam and Crème Anglaise, which I dream of on the regular.

Disneyland gumbo

Sandwiches from Jolly Holiday Cafe

How I’ve missed the Jolly Holiday all these years I’ll never know, but when I walked in and perused the menu I was immediately famished! I opted for the tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella sandwich on focaccia  and with the potato chip side it was the perfect under $10 meal. 

Disneyland sandwich

Matterhorn Macaroon from Jolly Holiday Cafe

Thanks to my Matterhorn tank and Bavarian heritage I’m all sorts of smitten with Disneyland’s mountain. The Matterhorn Macaroon is not only a sweet nod to the tallest Disneyland landmark, it’s one of the best macaroons I’ve ever had!

Disneyland macaroon

Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs from Little Red Wagon on Main Street

I never though the day would come that I’d be thrilled to spend $10 on a corn dog. But man, these dogs are worth it! The batter is thick and for a corn dog, they’re decently sized. My mom, sister, and I shared 2 on different occasions for a heartier snack. So, so good!

Disneyland corn dog

Churros from EVERYWHERE!

Here’s the thing, $1 churros from Costco are a teensy bit better and bigger, but churros at Disneyland are sprinkled with magical cinnamon sugar, sooooooo, they’re worth trying. Plus, in Cars Land they’re served with warm caramel dipping sauce which makes then extra special. 

Disneyland churros

Dole Whip Float from the Enchanted Tiki Room

On our last day Jemma picked the Enchanted Tiki Room as her final attraction request. When we arrived in the outdoor waiting area she said, “Um … I really chose Tiki Room so we could get a Dole Whip!” I feel like the float version is the best combo – pineapple whip + pineapple juice – so we scooped up one, final Disneyland treat to share! Looks like I need to order this for Jem since she’s such a Dole Whip Devotee!

Disneyland Dole Whip

I’m sure you gathered that not many main dishes were included in this round up. Cross my heart we didn’t subsist on dessert! Honestly though, we weren’t super in love with many of the main dishes we tried. My sister and brother-in-law did rave about their anniversary meal at Carthay Circle in California Adventure, but other than that, the corn dogs, Blue Bayou, and the Jolly Holiday sandwiches I’m still waiting to be wowed by full meals. Have recommendations?

Oh, and totally worth mentioning! We’ve got the Anaheim GardenWalk just a 10-15 minutes walk from Disneyland and it has quite a few restaurants. We dined there more often than not for our big meals and if you haven’t tried The Cheesecake Factory’s Sheila’s Chicken and Avocado Salad with Citrus-Honey-Peanut Vinaigrette, you must!  I love, adore, and crave it! 

And, last, but not least, if you fly in or out of John Wayne, that airport has a Pinkberry! EEK! I’ve loved Pinkberry for years, but there isn’t one anywhere near us. The pomegranate favored yogurt is exceptional!!!

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  1. Danielle D says

    These all look fantastic and it makes me really really want to go back! Thank you for sharing, I will absolutely be trying a few of these on our next trip.

  2. janie vezina says

    i’m thinking my family would all love these treats, they look so good.

  3. Jessica Robin Riley says

    Thank you for this!!