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Today is a fun day for a few reasons. One, you get to meet from friend, Kari, again! Here’s the first time she visited the blog. And two, she’s not only introducing you to the delightful world of Arbonne, she’s giving away a HUGE set! I can’t think of a better way to end (or start) the year! 

Can you help me out? Can we change our culture together? Can we stop focusing on weight, and start focusing on how we feel about our bodies? Can we focus on our energy level, and personal health and wellness goals and realize that we all CAN fuel our bodies with foods that were created to nourish and even heal?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is my before and after photo after completing Arbonne’s 30-Days to Healthy Living Challenge for over 10 months. WOW! Can I just tell you, I DON’T have time to workout? I’m a busy mom of 4 littles (I had 4 kids in 4 years and had a pregnancy disease with each one that left me fighting for my life). 


The picture on the left is me after having one of my babies. The one on the right is after COMPLETING a 5k race using Arbonne’s Phytosport line and our Healthy Living plan and Essentials. I literally did not train, at all. I just ran it and felt amazing. How is that even possible? A year earlier, I could hardly get out of bed or take care of my kids. I spent nearly three of the last seven years in bed with pregnancy complications like malnourishment and dehydration due to a devastating condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (If you are currently going through this, I encourage you to reach out for support! I would be happy to assist you by sharing how I survived!).

If you’re interested in a free consult to map out a plan to achieve your health goals, please feel free to contact me. I would be honored to help you reach your health goals for 2017. Sharing health and wellness with others has totally become my dream job because its a vehicle to help others and provide for my family. I’m so thankful for Arbonne!!!

My favorite story ever is from my next door neighbor. She started the challenge in November 2015, and her goal was to go for a run up and down the street. Mind you,  when she made this goal, she had to take breaks to catch her breath just to walk across the street to my house. Well, in August, I came out to the mailbox to see her RUNNING after her dog who had gotten loose! Up and down the street!! I was so excited for her that I gave her a big hug, and helped her catch her dog!

Right now we have some amazing opportunities that I had to share with you all! Our team has an $800 cash prize for the person who achieves their health goals in January! I want one of you to win this!!! We also have an amazing New Years Blockbuster Sale happening on the Essentials kit which contains our healthy living plan and everything you need to support your body as you rock out this plan. It’s nearly 50% off and works out to less than $8/day to support your digestion, blood sugar, detox, respiratory system, and adrenals to name a few.


Healthy living is not dieting, its choosing to focus on eating foods that fuel you. It’s focusing on your health goals. Its feeling great about yourself and taking care of your body! After spending so much time cooped up in bed, unable to care for my family, I want everyone to know that they are worth so much! I want people to have the health to do the things they feel called to do! To pursue their dreams, to use their gifts! To spread love and kindness! You are worth it! You deserve good health, and you can take the steps to achieve a healthier, happier you in 2017!!!

Right now, one lucky reader is going to WIN our 30-Days Challenge Kit in January to be used for our challenge starting in February. If you want to jump in on the January Challenge, contact me and we can map out your goals for a healthier new you!


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  1. Cynthia Gaarder says

    working out more and eating healthy :)

  2. paige c says

    I just started a core power yoga membership!

  3. Daniel Parker says

    My main fitness goal for 2017 is to create a sustainable food/supplement/workout regimen that meets my needs specifically. All to often fitness can become the easiest and fastest method to stay “fit”. I would like to truly find my homeostasis and what makes me feel the best this year. Inching closer and closer feels so good.

    Everyone work hard and live 2017 to the fullest

  4. Christina A. says

    To eat more whole foods and less sugar or processed foods!

  5. Elizabeth Brooks says

    I hope to loose weight this next year.

  6. Amber Ludwig says

    To get more flexible and gain muscle!!!

  7. Jennifer Hall says

    I have heard great things about Arbonne!

  8. linda says

    i’d like to be able to eat healthier on a more consistent basis

  9. says

    I want to lose 10 lbs this year and drink more water

  10. Stephanie Phelps says

    One of my health goals is to lose weight in a healthy way!

  11. Jasmyne says

    My goal is to loose 15lbs, go gluten free and work on strength training

  12. Angela Williams says

    Take care of myself and drink water, morning yoga and play outdoors with my family and continue to enjoy the simple things in life.