Review: Yoto Player – It’s As Great As You Might Think

Our Yoto Player has been part of the family for six months now. And you know what that means … it’s high time for a full review!

Plus, I wanted to be sure to pass on a 10% coupon toward your first purchase of $99+.

Ok, here’s the scoop. I bought a Yoto Player for Eli’s 4th birthday last fall. I wanted less stuff in general and something both educational and fun. Yoto fit all those parameters. And, after getting it all set up it turns out the Yoto Player was the PERFECT gift. Not only for Eli, but for all of us. Here’s why we love our Yoto Player:

So, what is a Yoto Player? Imagine a hip, new version of the CD player. I think that’s the easiest way to describe it. The Yoto Player acts as a speaker and plays music, stories, and more. You eliminate the worry of ruined discs though and gain a bunch of extra features. It really is genius.

​​​​Here’s a simple rundown of why we love our Yoto Player:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

It’s Simple To Use

The Yoto Player takes three things to come alive – the player, cards, and the charging dock. You can add an Adventure Jacket too (that’s the orange silicone cover in our photos), but that isn’t required. It’s so straightforward. A great listening device for toddlers, young kids, and even moms who are not very tech savvy.

Adios Screens

I don’t need another screen to manage. This was the main reason I jumped at buying a Yoto Player. I mean, technically it has a little screen, but that just shows a pixel photo related to the card it is playing. No touch screen – just an on/off button and two knobs. In a world constantly inundated with things to absorb with our eyes I love that I don’t have to set a time limit with our Yoto Player. It’s always a “yes”!

Reasonably Priced Technology

In the world of kid electronics you can pretty easily fork over an arm and a leg. The Yoto Player is definitely on the low end of durable audio options. Now, you can go kind of crazy with buying new cards, but the Yoto Club makes that more cost effective and there are occasional sales. I’ve also loved having an easy, coveted addition to Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, and the like – something we will actually use versus other stuffers that quickly find their way into the trash.

It’s For the Whole Fam

The Yoto Player functions as a Bluetooth speaker so you can play anything for anyone on it. You can also create custom cards by purchasing a Make Your Own pack. Those allow you to add any audio file to a Yoto Card. That means grandparents, aunts, dads, and more can record their voice telling a made up story or readign a book and your child can cue up their favorites whenver they want. Our family favorite is the sounds though. Oh, those are dreamy! When we stay at a hotel it’s the Crackling Fire or Dreams of the Ocean that lull us all to sleep.

Endless Entertainment

In addition to playing physical Yoto Cards, the Yoto Player has a daily podcast just for kids, a radio station, and sleep sounds. It tells the day and time and functions as a nightlight too. The cards themselves are so much more than stories and music – foreign language, phonics, and jokes. Truly, there is something for all interests and ages.

If you’re looking for a great addition to your homeschool routine or a family gift – get a Yoto Player! You won’t regret it, promise! Don’t forget to use this link to snag 10% off your first order.

Coming Soon …

  • Yoto Mini Review
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